Designer Men’s Jewellery in Perth

As masters of bespoke and exquisite jewellery designs, Linneys specialises in crafting unique and refined pieces for men. Our extensive range includes a selection of men’s rings, wedding rings, necklaces, neoprene bangles and cufflinks to elevate any outfit. From classic and timeless cufflinks to one-off custom necklaces, we bring your concepts to life.

Our jewellers understand that each man has unique preferences and visions when it comes to their jewellery. We take care to get to know your style, allowing us to recommend the perfect piece to suit your appearance and personality.

For premium collections and bespoke men’s jewellery in Perth, craft a one-of-a-kind custom piece with Linneys.

What Jewellery Means for Men

For men, selecting and wearing jewellery is a symbolic and powerful gesture. Men choose pieces that emphasise and express who they are, their commitments, their status in society and how they should be perceived. When it comes to selecting men’s jewellery, make sure you’re sending out the right messages. Our experienced jewellers guide you through our collections, ensuring that you find the right pieces for your lifestyle.

Make a statement and elevate your look with our range of men’s rings, wedding rings, necklaces, neoprene bangles and cufflinks. For the ultimate in personalisation, work with our jewellery designers to create something completely bespoke.

Styling Men’s Jewellery

Styling men’s jewellery is an art form requiring a balance of personal preference and symbolism. For men, wearing the right pieces with an outfit allows them to control the signals and messages they send.

When it comes to styling necklaces, simple changes to chain styles and lengths enhance masculinity. If you opt for a necklace, wear something that’s fairly simple and minimal. Silver chains are a popular choice while bold and solid styles add a masculine touch. To amp things up, layer minimal pieces with pendants. Combine your necklace with a relatively plain t-shirt, bomber jacket or leather jacket for an elevated streetwear edge.

Bracelets should follow the minimal and understated rule of necklaces and should be selected to match existing watches and any other jewellery.  

Rings tend to be a favourite for men, allowing for the most individuality and expression. While some men stay minimal with understated bands and wedding rings, others go bold with solid designs and focal pieces. A completely personal choice, the amount and style of rings you wear should match your outfit and personality.

Most men who wear cufflinks generally opt for understated and traditional pieces. If you’re feeling adventurous, go with a bolder cufflink style that catches the eye. The same goes for wedding rings; it’s entirely up to you.

Refined Men’s Jewellery 

At Linneys in Perth, we offer an extensive range of men’s rings, wedding rings, necklaces, neoprene bangles and cufflinks to suit all styles. As established and specialised jewellers, we also work with you to craft unique and bespoke pieces according to your concepts and designs. From simple and understated to bold and dramatic, the jewellery pieces you choose signify your personality and style.

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