Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara

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In a word, the Linneys’ Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara is breathtaking. Elegantly composed of 178 of the world’s finest Argyle pink diamonds, the tiara combines old-world royalty with modern-day sophistication.

Nestled at the centre of the incredible 20-carat tiara is a 0.80ct Fancy Vivid pear cut pink diamond. This masterful centrepiece can be detached and worn as a ring, with all the splendour of the tiara distilled to a single, elemental piece.

Valued at more than $3 million, the Linneys’ Pink Diamond Tiara is regarded as one of the most significant pieces of pink diamond jewellery in the world. Originally designed in 2010 by the iconic royal jeweller Asprey of London, the tiara is a one of a kind creation. As part of the Queen’s diamond jubilee, the tiara was exclusively showcased at Kensington palace. A limited number of 11 international jewellers were invited to participate in the exclusive exhibition, and Linneys were proud to be one of only three Australian jewellers to take part.

Linneys became the proud owners of the Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara in 2012, acquiring the stunning piece for their rare and collectable coloured diamond jewellery collection. The tiara not only boasts a unique rarity, its ties to the Kimberley region establish it as an important symbol of Australian culture and heritage. Each precious pink diamond featured in the tiara is certified to have been sourced from the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. Having all of these small pink diamonds with origin certification ensures the authenticity of this stunning piece and reinforces its rarity.

Situated in Australia’s wild North-west, the Argyle diamond mine has an international reputation for its vivid diamonds. Argyle produces approximately 90 percent of the world’s pink diamonds. With the mine’s viable production predicted to be less than a decade, these incredible pink diamonds are becoming increasingly rare and increasingly higher in value. Pink diamonds account for less than 0.01 percent of all diamonds produced by the Argyle mine. To put this in perspective, the pink diamonds over 1 carat found each year would fit into just one teaspoon. The expiration of Australia’s Argyle diamond mine ultimately means that pieces containing Argyle pinks, such as Linneys Pink Diamond Tiara, become rarer with each passing year.

The tiara not only captures a moment in time, it forms a tribute to historical headwear and jewellery and has become one of the most extraordinary diamond pieces to exist in the 21st century. No tiara will ever be created to replicate, or even appropriately pay homage to, the Linneys Pink Diamond
Tiara – she is a one of a kind beauty.

The tiara has further cemented Australia’s place on the map as a destination for exclusive, exquisite luxury jewellery and Linneys are incredibly proud to be a part of that legacy. The Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara is a signature jewellery piece that will take its place in history as one of the most iconic pink diamond jewels in the world.

Linneys pride themselves on their innovation in fine jewellery, exclusivity and attention to detail. Their jewellery is always unique and striking, with the Pink Diamond Tiara forming another addition to their stunning collection.

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