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Your Diamond Profile is: Classic

You value tradition and in your mind's eye have a classic view of how your special day will unfold.

Shimmering white diamonds in softly feminine round and cushion cuts partnered with elegant white gold and pearls appeal to your style sensibilities.

Your dress will be white and your wedding will come with all the bells, whistles and trimmings that guests can expect at such an affair.

Go on, toss the bouquet; we all want to know who will be walking down the aisle next.

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Your Diamond Profile is: Modern

You're a modern bride so less is definately more

Contemporary design makes you swoon and you love the elegance found in simplicity.

Brilliant white emerald cut diamonds are a profound yet refined style statement for you, particularly when paired with white gold and Australian South Sea Pearls.

Your dream gown creates a shapely and contemporary silhouette and your cake scores an 'A' in geometry

Each element of your special day is a small part of the grand design your guests will fall in love with.

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Your Diamond Profile is: Avant Garde

When it comes to life you march to the beat of your own drum. Your special day will be no exception.

Throwing tradition out the window, you like to think outside the box and be individual.

You will discover something truly unique in the intriguing black diamond, an inky well of infinite style possibilities.

Forget classic white, your dress is likely to be coloured or you may choose to swap the stilettos for sneakers.

Your wedding will be an affair your guests won't forget anytime soon.

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Your Diamond Profile is: Princess

You are the princess in the fairytale that is your life

Having dreamt of this moment since forever, you have an eye for all things beautiful and your wedding will be nothing short of a spectacular affair filled with love and joy.

Found only in the stunning remote Kimberley region of northern Western Australia - the highly coveted and exceptionally rare pink diamond is fit for a princess like you.

Your dress will be a layered confection paired with 'Hello Lover' Louboutins.

Only the best will do - you know exactly what you want and you will go after it.

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Your Diamond Profile is: Rustic

You have an affinity with nature and an individual style

You will look absolutely radiant against the backdrop for your wedding, which is likely to be on a sprawling property or somewhere in the great outdoors.

Diamonds set creatively in handcrafted free-from jewellery that honours their natural beauty will set your heart racing.

Getting together with your loved ones and creating centre pieces, floralarrangements and décor for your special day won't only bring you closer, it's part of the fun of the whole journey.

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Your Diamond Profile is: Vintage

You're a dame from another era with a penchant for vintage

Fancy yellow diamonds or yellow gold embody your nostalgic love for tales of times past.

Your dress will be a 1920's inspired number. Forget the veil you'll feel more at ease on your big day in a delicate headpiece.

Guests can expect to dance the night away to the swinging sounds of a live jazz band playing against the backdrop of a heritage listed Town Hall, while sipping champagne from gold-rimmed coupe glasses.

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