How To Care For Your Pearls

Linneys pearls are an iconic gem, famous for their lustrous glow. Each pearl is a natural creation with its own personality, and it is this individual character that sets them apart. Linneys create handcrafted Jewellery using only the world’s finest salt water pearls. 

Pearls are strong due to their formation. Over many years, the oyster produces a substance called nacre. The nacre forms in layers around the central nucleus. The thicker it becomes, the greater the quality and durability of the pearl. Despite their strength, pearls must be cared for like any other item of fine jewellery. Linneys have compiled some care and maintenance advice below to ensure you can enjoy your pearls for many years to come. 

After a day of wear, especially if the pearls are in contact with cosmetics, we recommend a gentle clean using a mild soap and water solution. Avoid submerging your pearls in water. This is particularly important for pearl strands. Instead, apply the solution with a damp cloth, repeating this action with clean water, then gently pat dry. Never use a solution that contains ammonia or other harsh detergents and avoid placing pearl jewellery into an ultrasonic cleaner, as this can ruin the nacre coating. Also avoid using abrasive cleaners and never rub your pearls with an abrasive cloth, because if this is done repeatedly it can wear out their coating and leave them looking dull. 

Pearls have a considerable amount of strength, but their structure is similar to our teeth so its important they are always handled with care. Pearls are the last thing you should put on and the first thing you should take off. This means don’t put them on until after you have applied makeup or perfume, and you should remember to take off pearl rings if you apply hand or body lotions. Like our teeth, Pearls don’t like anything acidic so perfumes and hair spray should never come into contact with a pearl. 

Pearl strands are threaded using a special silk and polyester blend, and are be expertly knotted between each pearl. Over time, this thread can wear, discolor and fray, especially when exposed to water or moisture. To ensure that your pearl strand may be enjoyed for decades to come, Linneys recommend that these threads are checked every 12 months. 

It is also a good idea to keep your pearl jewellery separate from other items when in storage. Metal can scratch the surface of your peal, so we recommend wrapping jewellery in a soft cloth if you are storing it amongst other items of jewellery. 

Linneys pearls are more than exquisite; they are heirlooms that will evoke memories of love and romance for generations to come. We offer complimentary cleaning for all of your Linneys pearls. To enquire, contact us online, or through one of our three Australian showrooms.