Our Story

Linneys is a family owned manufacturing jeweller established in 1972, with a fully equipped design studio located in Subiaco, Western Australia.

Combining traditional goldsmithing techniques with advanced modern technology, Linneys has been creating fine jewellery from precious materials for over 50 years. Our award-winning jewellers experience, skill and expertise are tantamount to the high quality of Linneys jewellery. The Linneys design studio transforms raw precious metals, sparkling gems and lustrous pearls into wearable works of art.

Handcrafting fine jewellery is a specialised skill that has been handed down through generations. Our jewellers will use various techniques when creating a Linneys piece, including wax carving and hand forging of metals. Their work requires exceptional precision, talent and attention to detail. All jewellery created by Linneys is finished by hand to the highest standard, giving Linneys the reputation as Australia’s finest jeweller.

Owning a piece of Linneys Jewellery is owning a piece of Western Australian art that captures the creative passion of its founder, Alan Linney.

The creative team, led by Alan’s son Justin Linney, harnesses the time-honoured traditions of fine jewellery manufacturing to forge Linneys bold, contemporary style. Together with Justin,  Alan's son Troy Linney also leads the business, helping it grow and develop under the leadership of the second generation.


Justin Linney was announced as a winner of the prestigious 40under40 Awards for Business Leadership and Innovation. This award recognises personal determination, commercial drive, and business success and acknowledges philanthropic and community contributions.


Alan’s legacy of uniquely Australian jewellery is continued by the next generation. His sons’, Justin, Nathan and Troy work to protect the integrity that has built Linneys proud reputation, and ensure it will thrive throughout the years to come.


Linneys was inducted into Family Business Australia's Hall of Fame. This award recognises families that are managing respected and successful family businesses and pays homage to the significant role they play in the community, society and economy.


It was in 2015 that Justin Linney was announced as the Creative Director of the business. Justin has studied Jewellery Design at Curtin University as well as being a Graduate Gemologist from the GIA.


In 2005 David Fardon joined the business after his 16 years at Argyle. David brought years of experience to Linneys and helped develop relationships with local and international diamond clients and suppliers. For many years David conducted the Argyle pink diamond Tender and has considerable experience with these rare diamonds.


In 2000 Alan was recognized as the Citizen of The Year due to his generous and continuous contribution to Jewellery and Tourism in Western Australia.


1996 was a big year for Linneys as they won 6 awards at the Australian Jewellers Association Design Awards.


As business was booming, Alan felt it was the right time to own his own premises. In 1990 Linneys secured its own building – The Subiaco flagship store.

1986 - 1990

Between 1986 and 1990 Linneys won many awards and competitions. The first major competition Linneys won was Shinju Matsuri (a design competition in Broome) and Linneys was also represented at the World Expo in Brisbane. Another major award won by Linneys was at the International De Beers Diamond Awards for the “Tin of Caviar” design.


1987 was when the America’s Cup was hosted in Perth. Many international and interstate clients visited Linneys to learn about Australian South Sea Pearls during this time.


In 1985 Linneys started using Argyle diamonds and in 1989 Alan met David Fardon, who is a Consulting Director of Linneys to this day. Linneys has had a relationship with Argyle diamonds for more than 30 years – longer than any fine jewellery designer in Australia.


In 1983 the business started trading under the name ‘Linneys’. Alan’s eye-catching pearl jewellery was unlike anything Australia had ever seen, featuring free form, organic designs.


During 1980 Alan travelled to Broome in search of pearls. At the time, most of Australia's pearl crop was being exported overseas, usually to Japan. The majority of Australian jewellers were working with foreign pearls, and Australia’s own pearl stocks were exported, then sold back to Australian jewellery wholesalers and retailers. It became Alan’s mission to bring Australia’s incredible pearls to the Australian people, and did so by showcasing them to tourists in Broome.


The Linneys journey began in 1972, when Alan started his own small jewellery business, Alan.B.Linney Goldsmith, in Perth’s London Court. He was a unique jeweller with an eye for design. Someone who could transform rare and beautiful Broome pearls into stunning jewellery pieces.