Our Craftsmanship

Linneys Handcrafted Jewellery

Established in 1972, Linneys are a proud manufacturing jeweller with a fully equipped workshop located at our flagship Subiaco studio. Combining ancient technique with advanced modern technology, Linneys craft inspiring jewellery from the very finest materials. Our talented jewellers boast nearly 250 years of combined experience. Their expertise are tantamount to the quality of every finished piece, transforming precious metals, gems and beautiful pearls into wearable works of art.



At Linneys, handcrafting fine jewellery is a specialised skill that has been handed down through generations. Our jewellers will use various techniques in creating a Linneys piece, including wax carving and hand forging. Their work requires exceptional precision, talent and attention to detail. All jewellery created by Linneys, whether hand forged or designed using CAD, is finished by hand to the highest quality standard.


Hand Forging

With a history that spans millennia, forging is one of the oldest known metalworking processes. Linneys largely use a cold forging technique on a forging mill. To create a handmade ring the jeweller will begin with a technical sketch, hand drawn by one of our talented designers. The jeweller will roll a bar of gold through the mill, applying intense pressure that forces the gold into its necessary shape. At this stage the width and varying thicknesses of the ring is determined, then the ring is bent into a circle. The jeweller will cut the new ring into the correct finger size and apply heat to fuse the ends together. They will measure the ring on a mandrill to ensure its accuracy, and hammer it for a sure fit. At this stage any errors that occurred in the milling process will require extra effort to correct. 



The ring is now ready for adding gemstones, pearls and other details. There are many ways in which a gemstone can be set and all methods require the jeweller’s incredible skill. Each stone must be precisely measured, including its width and depth, and then set by eye. For example; in a flush setting the jeweller must drill and cut the seat of the stone. It is essential that the seat is exact, so that the table of the stone sits only slightly higher than the gold. The jeweller will then flare the gold and gently fold it over the girdle of the stone, holding it securely in place. Once all stones have been set and other details included, the jeweller will apply any desired finishes. Many pieces are polished, but they can also be sand-blasted or textured to very striking effect. Every item of Linneys jewellery, including those created using CAD, is finished by hand. Learn more about our CAD process.

Wax Carving

Wax carving is a method of creating complex jewellery designs that was pioneered by Alan Linney. This method of production is particularly suitable for Linneys signature free-form style. It is often freehand, and does not always require a technical sketch to begin, giving the jeweller creative licence over the finished product. The jeweller will use a piece of specialised wax, usually green in colour, to carve the jewellery. The wax carving that is produced is a close replica of the finished product. Gemstones and pearls can be precisely moulded into the wax, ensuring they will have a perfect fit. It is an ideal way of creating pearl jewellery because it will not damage the pearls in setting. Once the wax carving is complete it will be cast in precious metal using the ‘lost wax casting’ technique. The product of casting can be rough and requires the jeweller’s expert refinement. Gemstones and pearls are set by hand, and the final finishes are applied before the jewellery is ready to wear.

Linneys are proud to be amongst Western Australia’s few manufacturing jewellers, creating exquisite Australian works of art at our Subiaco Studio workshop. Handcrafted jewellery offers superior quality and gives the jeweller control over the creation process from start to finish, allowing them to engage their creative licence. They will use their skill and experience to craft beautiful details with incredible results. All jewellery created by Linneys, whether hand forged or designed using CAD, is finished by hand.