The Linneys Difference

Owning a piece of Linneys Jewellery is owning a piece of Western Australian art. When you become a Linneys client you Become part of the family. It is our excellent aftercare service that makes the Linneys brand a highly trusted and respected Western Australian family owned business. We hope you enjoy wearing your jewellery as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.


The epitome of craftsmanship and bespoke design, all Linneys jewellery comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This is a quality guarantee that covers anything relating to the crafting of your piece of jewellery.

General wear and damage is not covered by our manufacturer’s warranty. We encourage you to look after your jewellery. We are passionate about creating high quality jewellery which, when cared for properly, can be handed down through generations of your family.

General Jewellery Care

Caring for your jewellery is much like looking after your car in that both need to be cleaned and serviced.

It is important to have your Linneys jewellery cleaned and checked regularly. We invite you to take advantage of our complimentary jewellery cleaning service any time you visit a Linneys showroom. Our experienced team will make sure your jewellery is sparkling clean and will check your settings while you browse our extensive collection of diamond and pearl jewellery.

When wearing your jewellery avoid contact with metal objects and when being stored ensure it is packed properly so that is it not contacting other jewellery.

Avoid wearing rings whilst at the gym. The pressure from the bar is transferred straight to your ring and this will cause the precious metal to scratch, dent and become out of shape.

Design Services

At Linneys, we offer a complimentary design service allowing you to speak with one of our award-winning jewellery designers to design your dream piece. There is no additional cost for us to create a custom design for you and we also offer quotes with no obligation to proceed.

Ring Resizing

For new purchases we offer one complimentary resizing for rings purchased within 3 months that are over the value of $1,000 within 3 sizes up or down. Simply visit one of our showrooms and we will ensure that it is sized to fit perfectly. After the initial resize the cost of the re-size will be based on the design and time involved.

With a fully equipped workshop in Subiaco, Linneys can re-size most of your existing rings depending on the design. Visit our Subiaco showroom for a free assessment by the jeweller to see if we can re-size and quote.

Jewellery Valuations

All jewellery purchases over $1,000 will receive a Linneys certificate of sale which features a photo and a full description of your jewellery piece which is suitable for insurance purposes.

Re-valuations can be done for Linneys jewellery over 12 months old for $50 per item if we have the details on record.Re-valuations for Linneys jewellery over 13 years old often require an entirely new valuation to be carried out for $100 per item.

We do not provide a valuation service for non-Linneys jewellery however we can refer you to the most suitable Valuer or arrange for the item to be valued externally on your behalf. Prices range from $100 - $500.

Jewellery Insurance

If you don't have an existing policy, we can assist you in setting up insurance for your new purchase. Linneys recommends Centrestone Jewellery Insurance which is a jewellery specific insurance company. They cover you for up to 125% of the agreed value and allows you to return to your original jeweller in the event of a claim and cover you worldwide.