At Linneys, sustainability is built into our showrooms, designed into our products, lived by our staff and worn proudly by our clients. Our jewellery is made to be worn and loved for a lifetime, and we aim to be environmentally conscious when designing, manufacturing and showcasing our jewellery. Linneys also uses local resources when possible as to reduce our carbon footprint and to support small local businesses.


All of our jewellery is crafted in 18ct gold, platinum, sterling silver, tantalum and titanium and we use certified diamonds, Australian South Sea pearls and gemstones to create quality jewellery. Each Linneys Diamond is hand selected by our certified diamond specialists. Only the finest stones pass our rigorous quality control, which is set above the industry standard.
Linneys diamonds are sourced through the Kimberley Process, a multilateral trade regime that prevents the flow of conflict diamonds. The core of this regime is the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) under which suppliers and retailers work with diamonds that are conflict free. Linneys only purchases diamonds from suppliers that abide by the Kimberley Process ensuring that all Linneys diamonds are certified under the scheme.

We also use pearls in our jewellery designs, specifically Australian South Sea and Tahitian pearls. Australian South Sea cultured pearls are the most revered pearl in the world for their lustre, colour and size and these pearls are either white or golden in colour. The other pearl variety that you’ll find on display in our showrooms are the mysterious Tahitian or Black pearl, native to the French Polynesia area and famous for their iridescent colours ranging from purples, blues, greens and rose.

Studio Workshop & Showroom
Established in 1972, Linneys are a proud family owned manufacturing jeweller with a fully equipped studio workshop located at our flagship Subiaco Store in Western Australia. Over 90% of Linneys jewellery is made in our workshop and our team is comprised of designers and jewellers who are all employed locally and we do not outsource staff to fulfill our requirements.
We continue to search for innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact and one way we have done this is through the installation of two 10kW Solar PV systems to power the majority of Subiaco showroom and workshop operations. The system design was revised several times to minimise any shading issues and maximise solar production. The two systems power the majority of operations in the workshop and showroom which has delivered greater savings than originally predicted. In comparison to coal, solar electricity generated from the Linneys rooftop will save 1,413,280 litres of WA water and save 514 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and this is the equivalent to planting 4111 trees or removing 118 cars from WA roads.

In addition to this, we commit to strong, open and honest connections with our community of customers, staff, brand partners, manufacturing partners and the general public. These connections are vital for the long-term relationships of our business, and we are committed to giving back to the communities that we work within. Quality, not just in the designing and creating of our products but across all expressions of the brand from the retail experience through to back of house operations, is an ongoing commitment to our customers.

Linneys operates in a responsible and ethical manner across all dimensions of our business and we commit to the sustainable approach of creating unique jewellery pieces that hold their intrinsic value and will last forever.

To commit to long-term, sustainable growth Linneys needs to participate in an ongoing evaluation to improve our systems, we’re taking responsibility for operating three jewellery showrooms and a workshop whilst maintaining a supply chain that respects the planet. It is in our workshop where we transform incredible natural resources into works of art that can be treasured for a lifetime and handed down through generations as a family heirloom. For further information on sustainability and sourcing please contact us.