Linneys celebrates its 50th Anniversary and releases two new collections to wrap up 2022

2022 marked a monumental year for Linneys as a jeweller, manufacturer and family owned business - we celebrated our 50th anniversary and released two new collections - The Artisan Series & The 50th Anniversary Catalogue.

To celebrate the achievement of 50 years in operation, we embarked on an ambitious programme of events and activities. We kicked off with a gala launch of the Artisan Series at WA Museum Boola Bardip in October – showcasing the limited-edition Artisan Series magnificent pieces featuring Argyle pink diamonds. It was here that Linneys VIPs came together to recognise the company’s longevity and the atelier’s hallmark creativity over a long-table Gala style event and dinner.

Linneys 50th anniversary launch party

Linneys has always promoted its award-winning jewellers as artists. The new range released as part of the 50th campaign showcased this fusion of artistry, creativity and skilfully designed jewellery.  The collection is limited to just 50 unique and individual pieces inspired by the Western Australian landscape and celebrating the achievement of 50 years in business providing world class jewellery locally and internationally.

Collectors of fine art and watches who invest in this limited edition range also receive a handmade hardcover book, not available for sale or distribution, that features each jewellery piece, accompanied by a hand-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Linneys model wearing 50th anniversary necklace

Alongside the Artisan Series, we also released the 50th Anniversary Catalogue, featuring the largest collection in our history. Each of Linneys’ first five decades is represented among the comprehensive range. The collection reprises some of the most popular designs from the past, alongside new items that offer contemporary reinterpretations of earlier pieces. Both collections feature in a high-concept advertising campaign titled ‘A Piece of You Since 1972’.

Presenting models styled in fashions inspired by the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, the campaign stars founder Alan’s daughter Tanya Linney – an international fashion model and artist. This 50th year also saw the launch of the book, The Story of Linneys Jewellery Est. 1972. Decade by decade, it chronicles both the challenges and the triumphs that have seen the business not only survive but prosper – from small beginnings, to an iconic Western Australian success story.

The Story of Linneys Jewellery Est. 1972 book

At the same time, Linneys’ three showrooms celebrated the milestone with exciting new displays and fitouts, in the ongoing desire to create memorable experiences for customers. Linneys – a company that today celebrates 50 years of achievement, while proudly looking forward to the next 50.

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