The Proposal: A Sparkling Diamond Ring For Your Loved One

As the big proposal approaches, anticipation fills the air. Surrounded by love and celebration, wear your heart on your sleeve and sweep her off her feet. At the centre of it all is the ring. A symbol of your love and promise that will last a lifetime. Finding the perfect ring, one which speaks the language of love that you share, can be a difficult task. Linneys luxury jewelers are available to consult and guide you, helping to make your proposal memory to cherish. 

Classic and exquisite

For classical elegance and exquisite craftsmanship, there is none other than Linneys signature diamond solitaire ring. The solitaire is the height of sophistication, a design of timeless quality that moves beyond the tides of trend. Created with classical style and modern craftsmanship, this 18ct white gold engagement ring features a 1.51 carat round brilliant cut diamond. A clear and true symbol of your love and commitment that you partner will treasure for a lifetime. 

Colourful elegance

A colored diamond or gemstone ring can speak volumes of personality and style. From the romance of Argyle pink diamonds to dazzlingly deep Ceylon sapphires, a colored stone will radiate her inner beauty. Linneys offer an impressive range of colored gemstones, including ruby, emerald and sapphire gems, yellow, champagne and black diamonds. The round brilliant cut pink diamond ring is a showstopper, emanating femininity. A rare and exclusive stone, the Argyle pink is sought after across the globe. 

Modern and striking

There is something very special in the glimmering depths of a fancy shaped diamond, which is any shape apart from Round. Linneys master jewelers and designers create rare and diverse ring designs, ensuring that each customer discovers a diamond that speaks to their heart. Offering a range of fancy cut diamonds, from oval cut to the exclusive Royal Asscher, Linneys expert designers embrace the individual characteristics of each fancy cut diamond

to produce modern masterpieces. This princess cut diamond engagement ring illustrates both creative design and striking rarity, sure to enchant the one you love. 

Feminine appeal

The heart is an age-old symbol of love, epitomizing the sentiment behind your proposal. Linneys heart shaped diamond ring narrates the story of your romance. An elegantly cut 1.13 carat diamond, crafted in 18ct white gold and framed by a delicate halo, this heart shaped diamond ring is an eternal reflection of your adoration and commitment, and the precious moments you share. 

Old style opulence

A marriage of opulent vintage style and contemporary concept, the marquis cut diamond ring is the very best of old and new. Linneys master craftsmen use traditional jewellery making techniques to craft exquisite diamond ring designs. This marquis cut diamond engagement ring epitomizes Linneys eye for detail and passion for unique design. With a hint of Hollywood glamour, the 1.04 carat marquise cut diamond is surrounded by a diamond halo, creating a style of glamour and opulence. 

Linneys are a family owned and operated business with a desire to provide exclusivity, luxury and sophistication to their clients and collectors. Our designs are timeless, featuring only the world’s finest gems. View our current range to experience the energy and elegance that we bring to each handcrafted piece of jewellery.