Valentine's Day: Jewellery That Says 'I Love You'

When we think of Valentine's Day, images of chocolates, teddy bears, and roses tend to come to mind, but since love is everlasting, a gift that will last a lifetime will send a more heartfelt message than any rich-flavoured sweet. For this reason, a beautiful, handcrafted piece of jewellery from Linneys is the perfect gift for your loved one. 

Whether you're looking for men's neoprene bangles, a breathtaking pearl necklace, or even an engagement ring, we can help you find a piece of jewellery that captures the very essence of your relationship. 

Something for Her

When choosing a piece of jewellery for your girlfriend or wife, it's important that you look for something that reflects who she is, and complements her personal style. With a range of exquisite items to choose from, we have something to suit everyone at a price you can afford.

Possibly one of the finest pieces in our current collection, our Pearl Cage Pendants are available in white, yellow, and rose gold. Made from world-class Australian pearls that haven't been interfered with, the pearl floats freely within this innovative design. Completely unique in its structure, the Pearl Cage Pendant was designed in California, while one of Linneys founders was studying Gemmology. The pendant was designed with the sole purpose of representing the growth and beauty of its owner, which is captured within the pendant's precious metal, so it can be cherished forever. 

Carefully crafted using new technology that allows the metal to be joined at more than 700 degrees, without burning the pearl, this pendant is a beautiful, long-lasting way to say 'I love you', as each piece of the pendant comes together to give it strength, just like the bond between you and your loved one grows stronger over time. 

Something for Him

At Linneys, we understand that Valentine's Day, and jewellery for that matter, isn't just for the ladies - men like to be included too! This is why we also have a selection of meticulously crafted jewellery for men, which is made from our selection of premium metals, including sterling silver, titanium and platinum, to name a few. 

If that wasn't enough, we also work hard work hard to create the highest quality jewellery to withstand everyday wear and tear. A selection of the men’s range also features stunning gemstones, white and coloured coloured diamonds, and Australian South Sea pearls. From dress rings to neoprene bangles, there's no shortage of gifts to choose from. 

Valentine’s Day is a day for openly celebrating your love, so come in and see the team at Linneys to find the perfect gift for your significant other.