5 Discreet Ways to Drop Hints About the Type of Ring You Want

Has one of your rings disappeared? Or have you had the full ‘what does the future bring’ talk? If so, a proposal might be coming your way.

If you don’t want to be fully involved in the design process, but you want to give your partner some ball-park ideas, then it might be time to drop some hints.


#1 Plant the Seed: Visual Clues

Easy to set up and punchy in delivery, visual clues are more seamlessly incorporated into everyday life. You could opt for the more tactile route by strategically placing a magazine, for example, open to a ring design, under the remote or on the table. You could even leave annotations if you wanted to be bold.

For a more subtle approach, simply follow ring design pages on Facebook or do a few Google searches yourself, and with any luck ring-related ads will start appearing on your shared browser, or even on their own device. Similarly, you could tag your friends in designs, and leave comments that your partner would also see. This could prompt them to start thinking about your ideal ring design.


#2 Steer the Conversation

Once you’ve planted the visual seed, you could start employing more obvious, verbal hints. If your mutual friends or even celebrities get engaged, start commenting on their ring design under the guise of keeping up with the latest news.

You could even back up your carefully crafted comments with a quick flick on Instagram to show your partner what you mean, just to drive the point home as much as to keep it casual.


#3 Spot Rings Everywhere

The more you try and find rings to serve as a hint, the more you’ll see. When watching TV, when at a restaurant – wherever you go together, point out the rings and comment.

If you’re sticking to a subtle style, however, you don’t want to be too obvious, so you could incorporate ring commentary into your general observations about people and characters.


#4 Broadcast Your Views

When it comes to the design options, your partner will likely consult your inner circle of close friends and family for any ideas. Jump ahead and make your preferences clear to anyone your partner might ask. They will appreciate any guidance they can get, so make sure your inner circle can help them out.  


#5 Wander While Shopping

To really drive the point home, when out shopping you could pretend to be drawn to jewellery stores. This cheeky window shopping will give your partner the ultimate clue to engage more with determining your ring design preferences.


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