A Brief History Of Linneys' Pearls

Alan Linney and his sons are the principal direction behind Australia’s premier fine jewelers, Linneys. The company is founded on the creation of innovative jewellery that is crafted from the finest Western Australian natural resources. Linneys Jewellers utilise Australian gold, Australian South Sea pearls and Argyle pink diamonds to create luxury jewellery that is both beautiful and rare. 

The Linneys journey began in 1972, when Alan started his own small jewellery business.

It wasn't until 1979 that Alan’s s organic jewellery designs attracted the attention of Broome-based marine biologist and pearling expert, Bill Reed. Bill’s quest was simple: discover a unique jeweler with an eye for design. Someone who could transform rare and beautiful Broome pearls into stunning jewellery pieces. Alan’s signature free-form designs could do just that. 

At the time most of Australia's pearl crop was being exported overseas, usually to Japan. The majority of Australian jewelers were working with foreign pearls, and Australia’s own pearl stocks were exported, then sold back to Australian jewellery wholesalers and retailers. It became Alan and Bill’s mission to bring Australia’s incredible pearls to the Australian people, and ultimately, to the world. 


In 1983 the collaboration came to fruition, and trading began under the name ‘Linneys’.

Alan’s eye-catching pearl jewellery was unlike anything Australia had ever seen. A sign was placed outside their storefront that read; ‘Broome Pearls come to Perth’, but the public response was not what Alan and Bill had anticipated, and Linneys new store went unnoticed. 

In an attempts to drum up interest, Alan and Bill posted advertisements in Western Australia’s daily newspaper, but without much success. It wasn’t until the same Western Australian newspaper printed an editorial on pearls that people began to take note. The beauty and wonder of locally-sourced and designed pearl jewellery was finally recognized as desirable luxury, home grown right here in WA. 

The editorial received a huge response, as locals and travelers alike flocked to see the now renowned Australian South Sea pearls grown in the Broome region. Alan and Bill had successfully launched Australian pearls in the Australian market, and Linneys' legacy as Western Australia's leading pearl and custom-made jewellery retailer was born. 

Over the years Linneys has continued to grow, always holding dear to the values instilled by Alan’s original vision. To this day, Linneys use Australian resources, including the finest Western Australian gold and stunning Argyle diamonds. Our designs are unique and beautiful, hand-crafted by highly trained artisanal jewelers at our flagship Subiaco studio. 

Linneys affiliation to the Broome pearling region is strong with a Linneys showroom featuring stunning collections of pearl jewellery for over 27 years. In its heyday, Broome was a destination for travelers from across the globe who wanted to experience the pearling town firsthand. As a name synonymous with Australian Pearls and fine jewellery, Linneys has continued its expansion across Australia. The company's historic Subiaco showroom and design studio in West Australia remains their flagship location. Situated in one of Perth's upmarket shopping precincts, the Subiaco store features an extensive collection of jewellery showcased across two showrooms, one featuring pearl jewellery and the other featuring diamond jewellery. 

The lively and burgeoning Crown Casino in Burswood is home to Linneys modern and elegantly furnished store, centrally located in the Crown Metropol hotel foyer.


Linneys has also expended to have a National presence with their award winning showroom located in the Westfield Shopping Centre, Sydney. 

Alan’s legacy of uniquely Australian jewellery is continued by the next generation. His son’s, Justin, Nathan and Troy will continue to protect the integrity that has built Linneys proud reputation, and ensure it will thrive throughout the years to come.