Accessorising your Wedding Day: Current Trends in the World of Bridal

Preparing for your special day involves meticulous preparation, especially when it comes to selecting the perfect jewellery to complement your look. This task can be particularly daunting, especially if your dress is set to arrive at the last moment. We asked our Perth Showroom Manager, Angelica, to share her insights around the top trends in bridal accessories.

Is the tradition of something blue still in vogue?
Many brides still embrace the traditional practice of incorporating something old and something blue into their attire. For some, it's a way to honour a beloved family member who has played a significant role in their lives. However, we're increasingly seeing modern brides using blue as a creative statement or to infuse a pop of colour into their bridal look.

What are your favourite blue jewellery pieces?
I adore this exquisite Sapphire and Diamond Freeform Ring, perfect for brides seeking to add a little edginess to their look. For those inclined towards tradition, the Art-deco Inspired Cocktail Ring featuring an oval-cut aquamarine is simply breathtaking.

Sapphire and Diamond Freeform Ring


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What are two must-have jewellery accessories for every bride?
Every bride needs a modern and delicate pearl bracelet like Linneys' Floating Australian South Sea Pearl Bracelet. These also make a beautiful gift for bridesmaids as they can be worn on the day and treasured forever as a memory of the wedding. Paired with a pair of timeless earrings, such as the beautiful Australian South Sea Pearl French Hook Earrings, brides can achieve an effortlessly elegant look.


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Is there a trend towards statement earrings?
Brides are loving the versatility of statement earrings that can be worn on the day, and then forever. My personal favourite are our Bow Tie Diamond and Pearl Earrings, for a perfect fusion of contemporary glamour and classic charm.


Bow Tie Diamond and Pearl Earrings


What’s currently trending for men in terms of wedding day accessories?
Grooms are increasingly opting for lapel pins and cufflinks as essential accessories for their wedding day attire. These not only add a touch of sophistication but also serve as cherished keepsakes to gift their groomsmen. Our Silver Rose Lapel Pin and Mother of Pearl Cufflinks are both excellent choices.


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Mother of Pearl Cufflinks
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