Diamond Setting

There are three distinct styles for diamond setting, with many variations in between. These are: claw set, bezel set and channel set.

Claw Setting

Claw setting is possibly the most popular diamond setting, perhaps because it displays more diamond and less metal. Diamonds may be set with three or more claws, and their position on a stone can influence its appearance. A three claw setting may make a round diamond look more triangular, four claw more square, while five or more claws will enhance a round shape. For large diamonds, six claws are recommended to maintain the security and integrity of the stone. Claw setting is perfect for those who want a light and delicate design that shows off their stone.

Bezel Setting

Bezel setting embraces the girdle of a stone entirely, with a delicate lip of gold holding it in place. Bezel setting can make a smaller stone appear larger, and is an excellent choice for those who are quite hard wearing on their jewellery. It may need less short term maintenance than claw settings. Bezel offers a very different aesthetic to a claw setting, and can appear both vintage or modern, depending on the design. It is an excellent way to show off both precious metal and diamond.

Channel Setting

Channel setting is set flush or deeper into the metal. This is sometimes used on side stones and in conjunction with both claw and bezel settings. It is not so frequently used for a feature stone, but can add incredible contrast to more detailed designs.