Gold - What Colour Is Right For You

Luxury jewellery is synonymous with gold. Its shine and quality has enchanted for thousands of years and its value is inherently timeless. Yellow is the elemental colour of gold, but generations of careful alchemy has led to the perfection of gold blends. Modern jewellery offers a more diverse gold palate, adding white gold and rose gold to the repertoire. This choice of colour complements variance in chosen materials as well as the induvial skin tone, giving you choice and exclusivity in design.

To ensure strength and quality in jewellery, Linneys master jewellers specialise in using 18ct gold which has a hallmark ‘725’ or ‘18ct’. This perfect mix comprises of 75% pure gold, also known and fine gold, combined with 25% other alloys, such as palladium (a member of the platinum family) and fine silver. Gold must be mixed under strict and careful conditions, to ensure its beauty and longevity. Linneys recommend 18ct gold for jewellery because it offers superior durability and wearability compared to 24ct gold which is too soft. It is also good for those with skin sensitivity and allergies.

We do not manufacture any jewellery using 9ct gold. The hallmark for 9ct is ‘375’ meaning it is only 37.5% gold and the majority of the metal is made up of lower quality alloys. Due to the higher alloy content, 9ct gold can cause allergies and is more brittle which can result in cracking. The white 9ct gold in particular is considered softer therefore it is not as secure as 18ct for the setting of diamonds and can have complications when the jewellery requires maintenance and repairs.

14ct gold, which has the hallmark ‘585’ is better than 9ct is it is at least more than 50% gold although we only work with 18ct as it is still the more superior metal in terms of quality and durability.

18ct gold is of equal value across all three colours available, the question is which one do you prefer? Read on for Linneys expert guide in selecting the right coloured gold for you.

Complexion and style

The most important elements to address when choosing gold jewellery are your skin tone, complexion and personal style. Your complexion and skin tone will be vital in complementing your jewellery, and your personal style will drive the final decision. The best way to establish which colour suits you is to simply try on the various colours and establish which one suits the best. Examine the three colours, observe the way they compliment or contrast to your skin, and ask the opinion of others. When purchasing a gift, try to find out what colour gold they wear and use that as a guide for the next purchase.

Diamond, pearl and gemstones

When choosing your gold jewellery or even creating your own bespoke design, it’s important to consider the other elements of the design – diamonds, pearls or gemstones. White gold is often paired with diamond jewellery as it doesn’t detract from the colourless diamond, whereas pearls are far more versatile. Golden pearls are the perfect match for yellow gold. Rose gold can enhance the delicate pink hue in white pink pearls, and black Tahitians are often beautifully contrasted by white gold. Different gemstones will match with different shades of gold depending on their core colour, brightness, and size.

Personal preference

Ultimately, your choice of gold will come down to your personal preference and style. At Linneys, we strive to match customers with their dream piece of jewellery, whether it is one of our exclusive designs or a bespoke creation for yourself or a loved one. Our expert team of designers and jewellers create and craft exquisite jewellery for those who are searching for a new addition to their jewellery collection. We strive to meet each of our clients’ individual needs with a dedication to beautiful design, rarity and style.