How to Buy Jewellery for Men: A Guide for Women

Buying jewellery for men has traditionally been seen as something of a challenge. In general men wear less accessories than women, although that convention is thankfully disappearing as modern men are more comfortable expressing their individual style.

So how do you choose jewellery for the man who has it all? The key is to distill his style down to its essential elements.

Choose the right metal for men’s rings

Rings are a cornerstone of every man’s jewellery collection. One of the most important things to remember with men’s rings is quality over flare. Especially if the man in your life is new to accessorising, choosing an understated design made from high quality precious metals is guaranteed to impress without overwhelming. Here are a few tips on choosing the right ring, from engagement rings to every day accessories:

  • Simple band designs work best
  • If he works with his hands, he might prefer a ring that will not get in the way
  • Consider his dress style, and choose precious metal to match
  • Men tend to go for complementary jewellery, where women use sparkle to accessorise
  • Draw inspiration from your own engagement ring for a custom ring to match
  • Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but men appreciate them too

Because men may only wear one ring, crafting a piece that complements his skin tone and fashion sense means he can wear it every day.

Custom made jewellery for discerning men

We know finding just the right piece for picky men that are selective about the jewellery they wear can be a challenge. It is precisely that passion for the perfect piece that motivates our atelier to create custom made jewellery for men (and women) of all tastes.

When you are struggling to find the right ring, cufflinks, bangle or accessory but have a vision in mind, our award-winning jewellers will have the answer. Learn more about our process to create custom jewellery, from inspired designs to exquisitely hand-crafted materials.

Buy from a trusted jeweller

You may be tempted to ease him into jewellery with cheaper alloys or mass-produced jewellery, but remember: if he only has one ring or bangle in his collection, it should be meaningful and personal. Be bold, and treat him to the jewellery you think will boost his confidence and charisma, whether in the workplace or on the weekend.

Let a knowledgeable jeweller guide you to purchasing a gift your man will wear proudly for years to come. Guided by nearly 50 years of creative passion, Linneys jewellers are dedicated to creating exceptional custom made jewellery including men’s rings, modern bangles, timeless cufflinks and daring accessories to suit every mood.