International Women's Day

To celebrate International Woman’s Day we are excited to share some of the achievements of our past and present ambassadors. These women all represented the Linneys brand and are successful, passionate and motivated to make a difference.



Tahnee is the current ambassador for Linneys and has been active in the modelling industry since she won Australia’s Next Top Model in 2009. The Cottesloe-raised model who has been living in the UK is the new face of the brand’s Butterfly Lovers campaign, a role she said she was excited to be involved in. Tahnee also started her own label Kenni & Kai which was a dream of Tahnee’s. With a family experienced in the textile industry and a strong belief that a dip in the ocean will cure nearly any ailment, Tahnee and her sister Kaila were motivated to create their idea of the perfect swim collection. Tahnee is also very passionate about Project Zero which is an organisation that focuses on restoring and protecting our oceans.


Millie is a Perth born, international fashion model who was the face of Linneys Manari collection. She began modelling back in 2008 when she won first place in the Vivien’s Live Model Search. Millie never imagined all the places she would travel to, and the opportunities that would be presented to her through her modelling career. Millie said that being the face of Linneys is one of her career highlights and travelling to Broome for the shoot was a wonderful experience. Millie is very passionate about environmental sustainability and self-sufficiency. She is reducing her waste and consuming mindfully while also helping others to try lighten their footprint.



Cassie was the face of Linneys Trilogy collection and Little Black Dress collection. She is an entrepreneur passionate about using technology for positive social change on a global scale. Her experience includes running a start-up in the health retail industry, managing complex tech projects, and various aspects of marketing. Her lengthy career as an international model has helped her to cultivate the invaluable skills of leadership, resilience and an ability to adapt to rapid change.



Isabel is a famous Australian actress and model. She is an environmental activist and was the face of Linneys Cote d'Azur collection. Born in Melbourne to a Swiss mother and Australian father, Isabel enjoyed a childhood in Cairns, Switzerland and the Northern Territory. It is her diverse upbringing that explains her strong sense of environmental and cultural awareness. Isabel is now supporting Take 3 for The Sea, which Linneys recently launched in Perth. She is hoping to spread awareness of global plastic pollution to help clean up our oceans.



Jessica Marais is an Australian actress best known for her roles on Australian television in Packed to the Rafters and Love Child. Jessica was the face of Linneys and has won the Logie Award for Most Popular Actress three years in a row. Jessica is a hardworking, inspirational woman who Linneys was proud to have as an ambassador for two years – 40th Anniversary collection and Inspired by Music collection.



Melissa is an Australian-American actress, model and entrepreneur who was a Linneys ambassador alongside Ernie Dingo. She is a Logie award-winning actress and a mother of two who has achieved many milestones throughout her career. Originally from Perth, Melissa now resides in Paris, where she has a beautiful home that she shares with her two kids.