Linneys Bridal Guide – part 1

You're proudly wearing your exquisite engagement ring, and you've selected a stunning wedding ring that complements it to perfection – but have you considered how you'll be accessorising your gown on your special day?

We've curated a spectacular collection for you to review, showcasing our most desirable pieces this season, and over the next three blogs, we'll take you through each one.

So, if you need a little guidance when it comes to accessorising your gown, read on.

Less is more

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While there are occasions where we can wholeheartedly support a 'more is better' approach to statement pieces of jewellery, on your wedding day, we recommend you take a slightly more reserved approach.

Your bridal jewellery should enhance your radiance, not steal your spotlight, so adhere to the "less is more" mantra and stick with a few key pieces.

These gorgeous Four-Claw Diamond stud earrings ooze glamour and classic style.

Colour match your gown to your metal

Engagement rings

Struggling to decide between white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold? Consider letting the colour of your gown help you choose.

White gown: bright classic white looks prettiest with white gold. Consider the timeless elegance of a Tennis Bracelet.

Ivory gown: yellow gold perfectly enhances this creamy shade. Beautiful in its simplicity, this Floating Pearl necklace is sure to please.

Champagne gown: once again, yellow gold jewellery will complement the warm tones in this delicate colourway, and if you're creating an antique-inspired look, this Baguette and Round Diamond ring is lovely.

Blush gown: rose gold is the perfect accompaniment to a blush gown as the metal coordinates' its rosy glow with the dress's soft pink. Consider this Modern Design Diamond Ring in rose gold. 

Consider the neckline

Bridal jewellery

Your gown's neckline and how it displays your décolletage will play a role in your bridal jewellery choice. Match your pieces to the neckline. 

Sweetheart or strapless neckline: to direct all eyes to your smile, consider wearing a slightly shorter necklace. Or skip a necklace and wear statement earrings instead.

V-neck: this neckline is perfect for decoration. Opt for a classic pearl pendant or two if you like, layering both if they're delicate pieces. Pair the necklace with simple earrings for an elegant look.

Halter neck: focus your accessorising on your hair. It's hard to go past our stunning Pearl and Diamond Crown.

Don't get overwhelmed

Bridal jewellery

Keep it simple, if you can. Find one piece you absolutely adore and wear that.

Be true to yourself

Pearl bracelet

Remember, this is your day, so you should choose bridal jewellery that makes you feel beautiful. Listen to your heart and pick the pieces that spark joy.

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