Linneys Jewellery - Day to Night Perfection

The beauty of so many of Linneys handcrafted designs is their ability to suit all occasions. From corporate meetings or lunch dates with friends to cocktail evenings or a night out at the opera, Linneys incredible range allows you to feel beautiful every moment of the day.

Looks for Spring days

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As the Perth weather slowly starts to warm up and the days begin to lengthen, celebrate the change of season with a selection of gorgeous daywear pieces.

Classic diamond solitaire earrings never go out of fashion, and our range will enthral. Perfect for every day, diamond studs are the epitome of elegance and style.

As the weather improves and day functions begin to fill your social calendar, consider one of our stunning bangles - a great choice when paired with a beautiful pair of hoop earrings. If your wardrobe is moving toward lighter fabrics like silk, cotton or linen,  try to keep your jewellery light as well, opting for a modern romantic interpretation on classic rings.

Our Neoprene Bangles provide a contemporary touch to classic office to beachwear, offering functionality and beauty in one delightful package.

Elegant Evening Pieces

Garnet & Diamond Pendant

For many people, an evening outfit is defined by adding sparkle, layers, and more sparkle. We tend to agree. We create many of our locally designed pieces to work alone or in layers, and our lovely Pearl Wrap Bracelet is the perfect example of this. A single bangle worn alone is eye-catching; wear two at once, and you have a statement piece likely to turn heads wherever you wear them.

Sometimes you only need one statement piece of jewellery to make your evening look stand out. A handmade pendant from Linneys studio will have your friends gasping in awe. With your neck adorned in purest luxury, consider a muted outfit, one designed to let your jewellery take centre stage. 

If your taste leans towards earrings and rings rather than necklaces, our collection of elegant Pearl and Diamond jewellery will have a signature style suitable. From the delicate beauty of our drop earrings to our attention-stealing Freeform Keshi Pearl ring. This spring, Linneys has the perfect collection of pieces that can transform your look from day to night.

Create a statement everywhere you go

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For those looking for a piece of jewellery entirely your own, consider a bespoke design from Linneys Jewellers. Our experienced team will guide you through the design process, ensuring the end design of your custom made jewellery piece in Perth exceeds your wildest expectations.

Why choose Linneys for bespoke jewellery in Perth?

Combining traditional techniques with advanced modern technology, Linneys of Perth has created fine jewellery from precious materials for over 45 years.

Our award-winning jewellers' experience, skill, and expertise are evidence of the outstanding quality of Linneys jewellery.

Our Subiaco design studio transforms precious raw metals, sparkling gems, and lustrous pearls into wearable works of art, perfect for all occasions. 

Choose Linneys today for your unique bespoke jewellery items.