Make them Green with Envy with Emerald Jewellery

Are you searching for the perfect stone for a jewellery piece? Emerald could be the answer. Rare, rich and deep in colour and elegance, emerald jewellery offers a contemporary take on traditional, often diamond, jewellery. With eye-catching and breathtaking properties, emerald gemstones evoke beauty, curiosity and elegance. 

If you want something unique, rare and striking, choose an emerald piece. Learn more about why emerald could be right for you. 


What Makes Emerald So Unique? 

Unlike some other stones, emerald gemstones are proven to stand the test of time. Durable and resistant to scratches and general wear, emerald jewellery pieces are often found as cherished family heirlooms passed down for their lasting natural beauty and quality. 

The emerald gemstone has also been coveted for its versatility. Suiting all skin tones, hair colours and eye colours, the emerald gemstone complements the natural beauty of the wearer and offers an earthy and luxurious element to balance colours and styles. 


What Emerald Symbolises

Emerald has historically been known as a stone that symbolises success and abundant love. Interchangeable with diamonds in cultures across the world, emerald has become synonymous with love, commitment and passion. 

Many believe that the emerald has calming properties, it’s rich and deep green colour working to relax the mind and body. Emerald is said to promote honesty and trust while encouraging good luck and fortune for those who wear it and their families. Emerald repels negativity and encourages harmony in all aspects of life. Representing the month of May, emerald is the birthstone of Taurus signs and is the Chinese zodiac sign of the goat.  


Craft a Custom Jewellery Piece Using Emerald with Linneys

Make your jewellery piece completely unique to your loved one. Design and craft a bespoke emerald ring, necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet with the specialised jewellers at Linneys.

Based in Perth, our professionals specialise in handcrafting custom jewellery pieces designed and created according to your exact specifications. Whether you’ve got an exact design in mind or you want to workshop your ideas with our experienced jewellers, we’ll help you craft an emerald work of art that symbolises your love, devotion and commitment. 

Get started crafting your bespoke emerald piece with Linneys today.