Our Top 5 Gifts Under $500

Each Christmas, birthday, anniversary, wedding and other special occasion, we carefully consider, choose and offer gifts to our loved ones, colleagues and associates. Gift giving is a way to reinforce and build relationships and is a way of showing love and devotion.

The history of gift giving

The giving of gifts dates back to the beginning of human civilisation. Researchers believe cavemen gave presents of pretty rocks or animal teeth to strengthen social connection and show others how much they are appreciated. As social structures and humankind developed, gifts became more elaborate and decorative.

Why give a gift?

Giving a gift and receiving one in return promotes a sense of trust and cooperation that strengthens our ties to others. Even better, when we give to others, we don’t only make them feel closer to us but we also feel closer to them. 

No matter how well you know someone, it can still be difficult to find the right gift. Whether it is a special birthday or a gift for a colleague, Linneys has an extensive range of jewellery to suit any style or budget. Here are our top 5 gifts for under $500.


Diamonds and pearls Perth

Simply elegant, this Australian South Sea circle pearl bangle is ideal for adding a classic style to an everyday look. Perfect for wearing alone or layered with other bangles, this design features a 12-13mm Australian South Sea circle pearl on a 3mm thick neoprene bangle. Each circle pearl has individual grooves on its surface. For alternative pearl grades and sizes in this design please contact us.



A superb aesthetic of modern style, these highly polished cufflinks bring understated sophistication to any French cuff. Crafted in stainless steel, this cufflink pair features a high polish and hinged fittings. Perfect for work colleagues or family and friends, these cufflinks are an exquisite addition to any shirt.


Diamond and pearls Perth

Yes, it is possible to buy a beautiful diamond ring for under $500. A soft tide hisses on ripples of summer beach sand, each wave revealing the hidden treasures of the sea. A warm satin finish on 18ct gold stands in seamless contrast to the glimmer of Australia’s earthy riches, a round brilliant cut diamond. Designed to be worn alone or stacked with similar styles from the collection, this ring captures the allure of summer. From the ‘Beach Sand’ collection, this 18ct white gold diamond ring features a round brilliant cut diamond. This ring has a textured matt finish.


Australian south sea pearls

A queen amongst gems, the Australian South Sea pearl has an international reputation as the most prized and desirable of pearls. Linneys is proud to present these prestigious pearls in this stunning pendant design.

Featuring an exquisite Australian South Sea circle pearl and finished with a polished 18ct gold bale, this Linneys pearl pendant represents timeless beauty to be cherished for a lifetime. Each circle pearl has individual grooves in the surface of the pearl - a beautiful natural characteristic of this grade of pearl.


Neoprene bangles Perth

Our men’s skull bangles are sophisticated and understated with a contemporary edge. Cleverly designed to reveal their unique design only on close inspection, these handsome neoprene bangles feature a sterling silver medium size Linneys skull design.

The two champagne diamond eyes bring the skull to life and add an intriguing sparkle to the design. The skull is set on a 4mm thick neoprene bangle that can be made to any length.  

Nothing quite hitting the mark?

We understand. Sometimes choosing a gift can be overwhelming, especially if you are not completely confident in the recipient’s style, or personal preferences. This is why we also offer the option to purchase a Linneys Gift Card. Contact us today to discuss purchasing a gift card for your lucky recipient. With value options ranging from $100 to $1,000 dollars, a Linneys gift card will be a smile to everyone’s face. 

Why Linneys?

Combining traditional goldsmithing techniques with advanced modern technology, Linneys has been creating fine diamond and pearl jewellery in Perth for over 45 years.  

Our award-winning jewellers experience, skill and expertise are tantamount to the high quality of Linneys jewellery.

The Linneys design studio transforms raw precious metals, sparkling gems and lustrous pearls into wearable works of art.

Choose Linneys today.