Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery can be edgy and innovative or graceful and classic when presented through a range of creative designs. At Linneys, we offer an extensive range of pearl jewellery in timeless designs. You can choose from the exclusive collection of design options you can have pearl jewellery custom made to suit your personal preferences.

Pearl Strands

A strand of pearls has always been a prerequisite for a feminine wardrobe. Larger pearl strands are sought after as well as the different shaped Keshi or seedless pearl stands. Pearl strands are beautiful, elegant and versatile because they can be worn on a variety of occasions as well as becoming a family heirloom.

Pearl Pendants

Often the first piece of pearl jewellery someone will own, pearl pendants are a versatile statement piece that can be worn every day. Many of the Linneys pearl pendants are designed to incorporate diamonds to complement the pearl and provide sparkle alongside the lustre of the pearl.

Pearl Stud Earrings

Perhaps the most popular type of pearl jewellery that a woman can wear is pearl stud earrings. Pearl stud earrings range from smaller 8-9mm pearls to larger 13-14mm pearls. Pearl stud earrings are the perfect everyday piece of jewellery that compliment a casual, corporate or evening look.

Pearl Rings

Pearl rings are a symbolic type of pearl jewellery that are the epitome of elegant modern minimalism. Linneys use the precious natural pearl gem to create classical and celebrated pearl ring designs.

Pearl Bracelets

The Australian South Sea Pearl is the world’s most desirable pearl due to the high quality of its nacre. Carefully hand-threaded at our Subiaco Design Studio in Western Australia, a Linneys pearl strand bracelet is a jewellery box essential and a piece to be cherished for a lifetime.

Men’s Pearl Jewellery

Linneys recognise a growing desire for unique, high quality men’s jewellery. A piece of Linneys Men’s jewellery is meticulously handcrafted using our unique Australian South Sea Pearls or Tahitian black pearls combined with a selection of premium metals. Each unique piece of Linneys men’s jewellery is finished to the highest standards.