Radiant Engagement Rings in Perth

Finding the love of your life is a milestone worth celebrating. If you’re ready to pop the question to your partner, ensure your engagement ring is perfect. Symbolise your commitment and signify your love with an engagement ring tailored to your partner’s personality and style. From delicate and classic styles to bold and contemporary designs, Linneys crafts a variety of unique engagement rings for couples. Spend forever with your partner by presenting them with an engagement ring that tells the story of your love. 

As experienced jewellers crafting quality engagement rings in Australia, let us help you find the perfect design to catapult you into the next exciting stage of your relationship. 

Ring Styles

The perfect engagement ring is different for every individual. While some might prefer classic styles, others may be delighted by unique and contemporary pieces. Whatever your partner prefers, Linneys has an engagement ring to match.

To begin on your selection, it’s best to first decide on your partner’s ideal ring style. If you’ve been considering proposing, it’s likely that you’ve begun to gather an idea of what your partner wants through subtle hints or with help from family and friends.

At Linneys, we make the choice simple. Our professionals guide you through our range of claw set, diamond band, halo, plain band, side diamonds, solitaire and three stone ring styles to help you decide on the perfect type. Once you’ve established the ideal ring style, it’s time to move on to the stone shape.

Stone Shapes

Every individual has a different desire when it comes to the shape and colour of their engagement ring stone. From sticking with family traditions through to trying something bold and new, our engagement ring collection offers a variety of delicate stone shapes to suit all styles.

Choose from: 

  • Asscher
  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Ideal
  • Kite
  • Marquise
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Princess
  • Radiant
  • Round

Precious Metals

Now that you’ve decided on the ring style and stone, it’s time to select the precious metal. Your partner is likely to have a preference when it comes to the precious metal of their jewellery.

Consider their existing pieces and establish if they prefer a uniform style or the variety of different precious metals. At Linneys, we craft engagement rings in platinum, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. 

Explore Unique Engagement Rings at Linneys 

Love is worth the wait, and finding your perfect engagement ring should be part of the journey. At Linneys, we work with you to take the time to understand your desires, requirements and preferences when it comes to engagement rings.

From symbolising the story of your relationship to encompassing the love and commitment you feel for one another, our jewellers guide you through our collection to find the perfect ring. While finding a ring can be an overwhelming experience, we’re here to remind you to have fun and opt for the ring that really speaks to your heart.

Present your loved one with an engagement ring picked out with care, consideration and love. Explore the collection of unique engagement rings at Linneys.