Secrets To Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling

Whether it’s your engagement ring, wedding ring, or a special gift from a loved one, a diamond ring is an investment to be treasured and cared for. While all of Linneys dazzling jewellery is carefully crafted to the highest standard, diamonds must always be looked after to ensure they stay stunning and sparkling for many years to come. Despite the fact that diamonds are the hardest natural substance you can come across, they still require a little bit of tender loving care. Here are some of our top tips to ensure that you keep your diamond ring looking sparkling. 

Avoid oil and metal

Diamonds are naturally attracted to oil and grease; when diamonds are extracted from rocks, it is oil that is used to carefully remove them. It’s important to ensure that you keep your diamond jewellery away from oils - and we don’t just mean while cooking! Avoid using hand cream and moisturisers while your ring is still on your finger, and keep your jewellery away from cleaning solutions, particularly detergent and bleach. Consider keeping your diamond ring away from metal objects as well; try not to handle anything metal while wearing it as it could potentially damage your diamond or scratch the ring shank. 

Limit contact

Human hands have natural oils and other materials on them at all times, which is why the best approach is to avoid touching your diamond at all. When removing your ring, hold it by the sides of the shank instead of using the diamond to leverage it from your finger; this will protect the diamond from external oils or substances. When you’re showing your exquisite ring off to a friend, try to do so from a distance. And, try to remove your ring whenever you get home for the day to avoid unnecessary wear and tear and keep it sparkling. 

Professional cleaning

When you purchase a diamond ring from the Linneys range or collaborate with us on a bespoke piece, our customer care doesn’t end after you take your ring home. Our expert team know diamonds, and we want to ensure that yours continues to shine and sparkle for years to come. Which is why our professional team offer a complimentary jewellery cleaning service for all our clients; because at Linneys, we want your investment to remain dazzling. Just contact us our visit one of our showrooms to get your diamonds cleaned. 

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