Should I Involve My Partner in Choosing Their Engagement Ring? The Pros & Cons


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So you’re thinking of proposing to your partner, but you’re wondering whether to involve them in the choosing of an engagement ring.

It can be a tricky process, and there is no right answer – but below we detail the main approaches to help you determine which most suits your relationship.


1. Going Solo: No Involvement

If you’re the kind of person who can successfully select the right style and size of other accessories for your partner, or at least obtain some clues, then this option is for you.



Your partner would experience a total surprise proposal. Presenting them with a ring they love on the day could make this special occasion all the more romantic and memorable.

Additionally, ring shopping alone means the price tag remains a secret.



Rings are traditionally more difficult to select than other gifts. You may find all the information you feel you need, but still choose a design that isn’t quite what your partner had in mind, and this could be disappointing.


2. Slight Discussion

If you’ve discussed marriage, and your partner has indicated they would prefer to be involved in the ring design process, but you want to keep the element of surprise, then this is the route for you.



By discussing styles and stones, cuts, shapes and colours, it takes the pressure off you and allows your partner to have their say in the process. This could potentially lead to a better outcome for both parties.

Similarly, while some details will be clarified prior to the occasion, the rest of the proposal will still be a secret.



For some couples, the design of the ring is a significant aspect of the surprise. If even a few details are discussed, it could detract from your partner’s experience of this treasured moment.


3. Open Consultation

If your partner would appreciate full involvement in the process of choosing a ring, and you’d like to fully consult each other on every stage, then this is your best route.



There is no need to ask around, research or try to determine the right band size, and your partner can have all the input they want. Put simply, you will design a ring together which you know they will love.



The surprise of the proposal centrepiece will be greatly diminished, even while the time and location remain a secret.

The price will also be openly discussed; cost is potentially a point of contention when choosing an engagement ring.


The Choice is Yours

The option you choose is entirely up to you and the dynamics of your relationship.
At Linneys, we believe finding your perfect engagement ring is part of the wonderful journey of love, and so we’re dedicated to working with you to understand your preferences, be it a custom ring or one from our unique collection, regardless of the level of partner involvement.