Sneaky Ways to Figure Out Your Partner’s Ideal Engagement Ring Design

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So you want to be able to propose with an engagement ring in hand. But how do you figure out what ring, stone and band they would like? And the size, colour and design of each element? No idea? Keep reading.


The Stealthy Approach

If you feel your partner would appreciate a surprise proposal, ring included, then this is the approach for you. The best way to tackle this is to do some research.


Steer the Conversation

Engineer a conversation where you can drop a few leading questions. You could start with discussing their opinions on your friends’ rings, as this will inevitably highlight your partner’s preferences, and what elements they prioritise. Once they’ve dropped a few hints, you could explore these with anecdotes and opinions of your own and see how they respond.


Back It Up with Some Evidence

Evidence comes in a variety of forms. Firstly, there’s your partner’s own style and personality displayed in their clothing and jewellery. Do they prefer delicate or bold items, quirky or sleek design, white, yellow or rose gold colouring? What you observe will help you develop more of an idea that you can take to a jeweller.

Their social media might also help to point you in the right direction. Pinterest and Instagram are generally the most common media platforms through which couples collect marriage design ideas, so grabbing a sneaky look at their Pinterest board or people/organisations followed on Instagram could illuminate their favourite ring designs.


Ask Around

If a proposal is brewing, chances are your partner will have discussed it with their close friends and family. They might have dropped a few hints, or even divulged exactly what they’d most like in an engagement ring. You could approach this inner circle for ideas, or even ask them to tactfully bring it up with your partner and report back to you.


The More Consultative Approach

If your partner is the kind of person who’d appreciate greater input into the design of their engagement ring, then it’s time to get consulting. It is, however, important to determine exactly what level of involvement they’d like.


The Choose-From-a-Few Option

Together you could narrow it down to a few designs, using social media, visiting a jeweller or simply just searching the internet, and then make the final choice a surprise for them.


Open Discussion and Designing

This option allows you to visit jewellers and discover together what best suits your partner’s style and preferences. You could even opt to keep the tradition of surprise and propose with a proxy ring, and then collaborate on deciding the final ring later on.


Still unsure? Book A Consultation with Linneys

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