The Beauty Of Australian Made Jewellery

The quality of Australian natural resources is unsurpassed. The country boast’s Argyle pink diamonds and Australian South Sea pearls, both of which are coveted around the world. Australian made jewellery using Australian materials is of the highest quality and standard. Ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured by artisanal jewellers, an investment in Linneys Australian jewellery will bring joy for a lifetime and will become a family heirloom. 

Why Choose Australian-Made?

Linneys are proud to be an Australian company. We only use the very finest natural resources. This includes Australian gold that complies with our strict quality standards and is ethically sourced. Each fragment of pure Australian gold is carefully refined, to become a beautiful piece of jewellery at the hands of our artisanal crafters. With each individual piece imbued with expression, your Linneys jewellery will become a brilliant work of art. A treasure for both this generation, and the next. 

A combination of traditional manufacturing technique and the most modern equipment sets Linneys apart. Our custom-made jewellery is created using modernised ‘lost wax investment casting’, a technique that can be dated to over 5,000 years ago. With a fully equipped workshop and the most advanced technology, Linneys can monitor quality and standard through every step of the process. 

With a team of award winning designers and jewellers, Linneys will turn your dream piece of jewellery into a reality. Our complimentary design service allows you to share your ideas and the award winning Linneys design team will translate it into a technical drawing for you to review. The sales team, designers and jewellers work in close harmony, ensuring instructions do not get lost in translation. A problem which could occur if the workshop was off-site or overseas. When it comes to custom-made jewellery from Australia, it’s all in the detail. 

Linneys also works with some the world’s most prestigious jewellers to create designs that cannot be made in the Subiaco workshop such as microscopically pave set jewellery. 

Our Premium Australian Product Range

The majority of our jewellery is Australian-made; so choosing our favourite item is no easy feat. Our high-quality diamond dress rings, pearl cage pendants, diamond engagement rings and Argyle pink diamonds are high on our list of world-class jewellery, produced right here in Perth. 

Diamond Dress Rings

If you're looking for that added extra sparkle and a touch of luxury, then a diamond dress ring could be perfect for you. Made from only the finest hand selected diamonds, and set in our carefully-handled gold, each ring is unique in its design and guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Pearl Cage Pendants

Our pearl cage pendants are available in white, yellow, and rose gold, and encompass a trilogy of modern principals: symmetry, minimalism and finesse. Handcrafted with 18ct gold, these pendants pay homage to the beauty of Australian South Sea pearls. 

Diamond Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is a once in a lifetime occasion that should be commemorated with jewellery that will be cherished for a lifetime. Available in a range of different designs, colours and finishes, contact us today about selecting an engagement ring from our extensive collection at various price points or creating a custom-made engagement ring to your specifications.

Argyle Pink Diamonds

An Argyle pink diamond is a coveted and collectable item for any piece of jewellery. Birthed in the Kimberley’s outback region, the pink diamonds are amongst the rarest gems on earth. The very best pink diamonds are mined exclusively in the Argyle diamond mine. With only a few years of viable mining left, a pink diamond from Argyle is an incredible commodity. The diamond's beautiful pink hue is the epitome of elegance and individuality, and can be worked into a piece of your choice. Linneys are a proud Argyle Pink diamond Atelier and showcase and impressive array of pink diamond jewellery.

Whether you want the reassurance of Australian made quality or would just like a beautiful handcrafted piece of Australian-made jewellery, Linneys has a stunning range of jewellery to suit any occasion. Regardless of your style, you’ll be mesmerised by the creative energy, sparkling gold and lustrous pearls from Linneys.