The Beauty of Black Engagement Rings

When selecting an engagement ring, most couples are aware of the wide range of coloured diamonds from which they can choose. Traditionally, though, black diamonds have been overlooked. However, thanks to their bold and sleek appearance, they are rapidly becoming a popular alternative.


What Does a Black Stone Symbolise?

While the symbolism of other coloured fancy stones remains a point of discussion, black diamonds generally are seen to symbolise confidence, passion, strength and energy. They are therefore a strong choice for those wanting to make a bold statement in their choice of ring design.


How Are They Beautiful?

Just like other colours, black diamonds come in a variety of shapes that can be personalised or selected according to your preferences; you and your partner can choose something that is striking, for your own style.


Partner Stones and Settings

Jewellers often pair black stones with colourless diamonds to create stunning visual contrasts. Similarly, lighter stone colours such as pink or yellow add a fabulous splash of colour and contrast to any ring.

This contrast can be enhanced using the halo setting, in which a centre black diamond is surrounded by small colourless/pale coloured stones, or settings with side stones that flank the black centre stone.

To really emphasise the strong, sleek black centre stone, with its connotations of confidence and energy, the choice of solitaire setting is equally as eye-catching.


Designing the Ring

Developing the visual contrast, black diamonds are tastefully complemented by a white gold or platinum band to further contrast colour, giving the wearer a sense of classiness and sophistication.

Offering instead a more delicate vibe, other band colours such as rose or yellow gold are further testament to the huge flexibility of black diamonds to portray beauty in a range of styles. For example, black stones offer the choice of a more gothic look using a black band and pointed shapes such as Pear or Marquise, or Art Deco hints using a white gold band with Asscher or Emerald shapes for the centre stone, surrounded by a halo of mixed colourless smaller stones.

Black diamonds are therefore a comprehensive choice for those looking for smooth, bold beauty that stands out yet complements every personality.


Linneys’ Collection

Our black diamond engagement ring collection features the finest pieces crafted by using only the highest quality, hand-selected and conflict-free gems.

Regardless of client preferences, our expert team work to ensure the partner presented with the ring receives a gift encompassing the unique love and commitment of their relationship.