The Jewelled Phoenix

To celebrate Chinese New Year Linneys is showcasing the Jewelled Phoenix  coin, an exquisitely handcrafted fusion of Australian gold and Argyle pink diamonds, symbolic of the mystical Chinese phoenix.

Chinese New Year marks the start of the new year which takes place on the 5th of February this year, and the rare and collectable Jewelled Phoenix will be on display at Linneys Crown Perth showroom from 30th January – 20th February to mark the new year.  

The Chinese phoenix signifies the beginning of a new era and has many positive connotations. It is a symbol of high virtue and grace which is very important especially during Chinese New Year. Because of this, Linneys has decided to showcase the Jewelled Phoenix coin to encourage good fortune at this significant time.

The coin is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, a masterful work of art. The Jewelled Phoenix is crafted in 10oz of pure rose gold and was carefully handset with 89 beyond rare Argyle pink diamonds. With its intricate plumage designed in three-dimensional relief, the phoenix appears to be landing on the fabled paulownia tree, which has three of its flower’s handset with pink diamonds.

With a mintage of just eight, this is the only Jewelled Phoenix coin that is available to view in the world. This rare, one-of-a-kind coin has commanded the attention of diamond connoisseurs, investors and collectors across Australia and overseas. The coin is available to purchase from Linneys for $188, 000 AUD.