Tips to Make an Engagement Ring Diamond Appear Bigger

18ct white gold kite cut diamond ring

Everyone has different preferences regarding engagement ring design. For some couples, the emphasis will be on the cut of the stone, and for others it will be on the colour coordination and number. If creating an illusion of size is your goal, then there are various ways you can achieve this.


Settings: Enhancing the Comparison

The setting of a ring is the manner in which the stones are connected to or embedded into the band. This is therefore a crucial to consider this part of the design if you are looking to give the impression of enhanced diamond size.



In this setting, smaller stones of similar colour grades are arranged next to each other, giving the illusion that your ring features a much bigger stone than the melee diamonds of which it is comprised.



This technique features the setting of smaller stones, as in the cluster design, but instead sets the cluster around a larger, central stone. The size difference and number of stones give the illusion of a larger central stone.



In this design, the size comparison between multiple smaller and one larger central stone is also used, but the smaller stones are instead set alongside tapered holes in the band surface. This gives the impression of more stones, in addition to the contrast that seems to enlarge the centre stone.


Settings: Enhancing the Centre Stone

If you and your partner prefer not to rely on comparison, the central stone can be enlarged by illusion without using smaller stones.



In this setting, a metal band surrounds the centre diamond. As well as affording extra protection to the stone, it makes the stone appear bigger in circumference. As a result, this style is generally used for round and oval stones.


Beyond the Setting

Moving away from the diamonds, there are other elements of an engagement ring that can work to give off an illusion of greater size.

Choosing a thinner, daintier band can create make the central diamond seem bigger, as can opting for a pinched shank, a band which tapers as it near the centre stone.


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