Top 5 Jewellery Trends For Summer 2017

The right piece of jewellery can be transformative. It is an important final detail to any outfit, with the power to elevate even the simplest of outfits to effortless luxury. Every jewellery box should contain timeless jewellery treasures, but the ultimate luxury is jewellery ‘on trend’, influenced by seasons, desire and zeitgeist (spirit of the age). Jewellery on trend is highly desirable, and denotes the height of exclusivity. Amongst Linneys timeless jewellery range are select and exclusive designs inspired by runway trends, and predicting the fashions to come. Read on for the top five luxury looks of Summer 2017.

Chokers and lariats

Though the choker may appear to be a fashion of the minute, it has a long and often symbolic history spanning millennia. The choker or lariat is a denotation of grace and beauty, featuring on famous ballerinas and monarchs, a staple of ‘French-girl’ style. Linneys contemporary chokers and lariats elevate beyond trend. Incorporating precious 18ct gold, diamonds and Australian South sea pearls, Linneys choker is transformed into a luxury wardrobe staple instead of a costume piece worn only once or twice. It truly becomes one that will be enjoyed now, in 20 years, and for generations to come. Linneys is transforming chokers and lariats into luxe designs. Our new Trilogy Collection showcases the beauty of these handcrafted, unique designs.

Unique shaped diamonds

In a world of mass market and globalization, people are ever on the hunt for something unique. As a result, alternative diamond cuts have climbed to the top of the list of trends in 2017. Vintage inspired cuts, with pear shaped designs and marquise designs have had a resurgence, thanks to the likes of Kate Middleton and her classical style. Floral diamonds pieces have also been featured haveily this summer, a dazzling feminine trend for the warmer months. At Linneys, we have several floral diamond designs on offer, including a stunning pink diamond number, a gorgeous white gold pendant, and a highly exclusive pear cut pink diamond design.

Coloured stone jewellery

The hunt for unique and the rare stones has seen the popularity of coloured gemstones steadily climb. Linneys offer coloured gams in vast array, from faceted Ceylon Sapphire to cabochon cut Rubies and raw Aquamarine crystals. The symbolic meaning of coloured gemstones can also inspire personal appeal, and transform a gift adding precious sentiment to a beautiful design. From an incredibly rare pastel pink Morganite and diamond ring, to a mysterious green Tourmaline design, and a stunning gold ring set with a Pearl, Sapphire, Peridot, Emerald and Ruby, coloured stone jewellery is the perfect choice for an individual statement.

Coloured diamond jewellery

The coveted coloured diamond has gone from strength to strength. Beyond their extreme rarity and intrigue, coloured diamonds are beautiful and unique. A precious alternative to the conventional white diamond, Argyle pink diamonds are amongst the rarest and desirable objects in the world. Coveted by diamond connoisseurs, Linneys have embraced the pink diamond, incorporating them into some of our most distinguished jewellery designs. Our pink diamond jewellery exudes femininity and grace whilst yellow diamond designs provide a stark and bold statement.

Stackable diamond rings

The desire for individuality extends to a need for versatility and jewellery which evolves with personal style and daily wardrobe. It is for this reason that stackable rings have emerged as a must have for every jewellery collection. The stacker ring should stand proud on its own, and is effortlessly transformed when partnered with other rings. Each design should be congruent, slotting side by side for a comfortable fit. Linneys have made the stacker ring an item to last a lifetime. Our award winning team have designed and crafted a selection of stackable ring designs, each carefully crafted and featuring stunning diamonds. Using the finest 18ct gold and Australian South Sea pearls, Linneys elevate the stacker trend to luxury accessory essential. Pair a white gold diamond ring with a soft rose gold number to begin your look.

Linneys are a family owned and operated business with a desire to provide exclusivity, luxury and sophistication to our clients and collectors. Our ranges are timeless, featuring the highest quality diamonds, gemstones and pearls available. View our current range to experience the elegance that we bring to each handcrafted piece of jewellery.