What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Choosing an engagement ring to symbolise the deep and powerful love you have for each other can be challenging. The piece you choose will be with you for a lifetime, reflecting the undying love you have for your partner – but what does the style you choose say about you? 

Each custom engagement ring reflects a different style, from a timeless solitaire perfect for a traditional bride, to a contemporary ring perfect for a modern bride or a bespoke design created in collaboration with both parties to reflect the personality of a unique bride.

At Linneys we are passionate about helping you find the perfect diamond engagement ring in Perth to suit your love story, so we've created a list of styles to give you a little insight into how your ring choice can reflect your personality.

Ring type: Round cut diamond engagement ring

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Round-cut diamonds have been one of the most popular choices for engagement rings throughout history. Perfect for a woman with timeless, classical style with love for sophisticated and radiant jewellery.

Personality type: Traditional Bride.

Ring type: Princess cut diamond ring

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This exquisite cut's four pointed corners make it a modernist take on a traditional style engagement ring. Jaime Pressly and Kate Bosworth both have princess-cut rings.

Personality type: Modern Bride.

Ring type: Emerald cut diamond ring

Diamond engagement rings

Fewer facets make emerald-cut diamonds all the more delightful, and the flat surface of this cut offers timeless elegance, favoured by royalty for centuries. This bold cut stands out from the crowd and can be an excellent choice for vintage style. Beyonce's spectacular emerald cut diamond ring is an impressive 18 carats.

Personality type: Unique Bride.

Ring type: Cushion cut diamond ring

Custom engagement rings Perth

The rounded corners and curved sides make cushion cut diamonds softer in appearance than their princess-cut cousins. This cut is feminine, delicate, and has a certain whimsy. 

Personality type: Romantic Bride.

Ring type: Radiant cut diamond ring

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This shape mimics an emerald-cut stone, but extra facets allow for extra sparkle. Radiant cuts are statement diamonds, best suited to confident, outgoing wearers. Khloe Kardashian wears an incredible 12.5-carat radiant cut engagement ring.

Personality type: Classic Bride.

Ring type: Heart-shaped diamond ring

Custom engagement rings Perth

There is nothing more romantic and endearing than a heart cut diamond – it calls attention to love because it is the shape of love personified. If you're looking to start a conversation about love, this is the engagement ring for you. Lady Gaga was given a heart-shaped engagement ring by Taylor Kinney.

Personality type: Passionate Bride.

Ring type: Oval cut diamond ring

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An oval-shaped diamond can possess the same number of facets as a round-cut stone, allowing it to produce fantastic sparkle. The oval cut is elegant and regal and can be seen on Blake Lively and Hayley Bieber.

Personality type: Sophisticated Bride.

Ring type: Marquise cut diamond ring

Diamond engagement rings

Marquise cut diamonds often give the appearance of being larger than life due to their extraordinary shape. This shape elongates your fingers, adding elegance and style, making it the ideal cut for those seeking a statement piece. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Portia De Rossi both wear gorgeous marquise cut rings.

Personality type: Dramatic Bride.

Ring type: Pear-shaped diamond ring

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The pear-shaped diamond is a cross between an oval and marquise styles. It's not as popular as other styles for diamond engagement rings, but it is a bold style. Most famously worn by the stunning Victoria Beckham.

Personality type: Contemporary Bride.

Commitment to Quality Ethical Diamonds

Linneys are committed to selecting only premium quality diamonds from guaranteed sources. The Kimberley Process is a United Nations-mandated forum focusing on stemming conflict diamonds' flow into the international market. When purchasing a diamond from Linneys, you buy a quality, hand-selected stone from a conflict-free source.

Why choose Linneys for your custom-made engagement ring in Perth?

Our award-winning jewellers' experience, skill, and expertise are tantamount to the high quality of Linneys jewellery. Our diamonds are individually selected by our certified diamond specialists, and only the best radiant cut diamonds pass our rigorous quality control.

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