Black Pearl & Yellow Gold Bangle

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Designer's Notes

A design of colour and contrast, yellow gold and white gold form the frame to a Tahitian Pearl. A versatile and stackable accessory to take you from the beach to a corporate occasion.

Crafted in 18ct white and yellow gold, this neoprene bangle features a 13-14mm Tahitian South Sea circle shaped pearl.

Each circle pearl has individual grooves in the surface of the pearl that are a beautiful natural characteristic of this grade of pearl. The type of circle on the surface of the pearl may vary to the image above as each pearl is unique. For alternative pearl grades and sizes in this design please contact us.

Designed and handcrafted at Linney's studio workshop in Western Australia.

Bangle sizing guide
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How do I put my bangle on and off?
  1. Hold the bangle so that the pearl and/or component sits in the palm of your hand to avoid it catching on any rings.
  2. Squeeze your thumb to your palm and roll the bangle over your hand onto your wrist. Rotate so that the component is on the top of your wrist.
  3. To take your bangle off, reverse the above process.
How do I choose the right size bangle?

We have three standard lengths: 12cm for babies/toddlers, 18cm for women, and 21cm for men. We can, however, make bangles to any length required. Please refer to our sizing guide for more information.

If buying online for yourself, we recommend measuring your wrist circumference using a piece of string or similar material. As a guide for the length to order, measure the circumference of the wrist then add 1cm to calculate the total length to order.

If buying online as a gift, please refer to our sizing guide to select the appropriate length.

If buying in-store, you can use our bangle sizing kit to find your perfect fit.

What if I have purchased the wrong size?

We offer complimentary re-sizing on our neoprene bangles within 30 minutes at our Subiaco showroom. If you purchased the bangle online, please phone one of our stores and we can guide you through the best process.

*Versions with bayonet fittings will take approximately one week for band re-sizing.

Will my bangle stretch or break?

Neoprene is a hard-wearing material, making our bangles a robust jewellery piece, although they will stretch slightly with years of wear. We recommend the neoprene be replaced yearly. Linneys offers complimentary cleaning and replacement of the neoprene for the life of the product. Please note: neoprenes with clasps will incur a service fee.

I’m looking for a gift for baby/child. Can neoprene bangles be increased in size?

Our smallest standard size neoprene bangle is 12cm, which is suitable for babies and toddlers. Naturally, as your child grows, they will outgrow their bangle. We offer complimentary replacement and re-sizing of neoprene bangles for the life of the product (aside versions with bayonet fittings).

Can I wear my bangle in the water?

Our neoprene bangles are very hard-wearing and waterproof.  We recommend versions with pearls to be taken off in chlorinated water, to preserve the lustre of the pearl.