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Australian Surfer, Imogen Caldwell wears Linneys 18ct yellow gold Loggerhead Turtle necklace.
Australian Surfer, Imogen Caldwell wears Linneys 18ct yellow gold Loggerhead Turtle necklace.

Stretching along 1,100km of breathtaking Western Australian coastline from Cervantes, two hours north of Perth, to the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef, Australia’s Coral Coast is a place of spectacular beauty. The contrast of red rugged landscapes and dreamy azure tones of the East Indian Ocean magnetises the soul, and the senses.

Nestled in this wonderous stretch of coast is Gnaraloo, an iconic Western Australian destination, famous for its powerful waves and teaming marine life. Gnaraloo is a place to dream for Linneys Creative Director, Justin Linney. The beauty of its landscape and its curious inhabitants have drawn him to its waters annually for more than two decades.

In giving back to this special place, Linneys has created a Loggerhead Turtle necklace that will see half of the proceeds channelled into the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation’s Turtle Conservation Program. The initiative seeks to protect the future of this magnificent species, along with its iconic habitat.

“I feel passionate about preserving the raw beauty of Gnaraloo, which is why we have approached the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation with this special partnership. The Loggerhead proved the perfect reptile to inspire a jewellery piece, and I look forward to the necklaces building awareness around the endangered species and the important role Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation is playing in their protection, said Justin.”

The smaller Loggerhead turtle necklace is available in sterling silver, and the larger 18ct white or yellow gold premium version is set with sparkling white diamond eyes, symbolising the turtle’s epic journey to their home shores, and the stars that light their path.

You are invited to watch the below video to learn more about the Gnaraloo Wilderness Foundation’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program.