Argyle Pink Diamond Showcase - 2 Days Only

You’re invited to join us to view an exclusive showcase of rare and coveted Argyle pink diamond Tender stones and a special collection of pink diamond jewellery valued at over $10 million.

The showcase will include a very special piece called the Argyle “Blossom” ring. Valued at $3 million, this ring was created to showcase the diamonds typically presented in the Argyle Tender.

With five Argyle pink diamond Tender stones totaling 3.22 carats and a 0.33 carat round brilliant Argyle violet diamond nestled amongst white diamond petals, bordered by more than one carat of Argyle blue diamonds – this ring must be seen to be believed.

In recent times, as global markets have shown volatility and instability, the demand for Argyle pink diamonds has continued unabated, with the stones appreciating steadily over the past decade. Each year Argyle pink diamonds appreciate in the order of at least 15% per annum.

Prices vary with the uniqueness of each Argyle pink diamond, with pink diamonds attracting prices 20 times higher than their white diamond equivalents. The gap widens for higher quality and stronger coloured pink diamonds, up to 50 times the value for diamonds with red colour tones.

This is a not to be missed exclusive opportunity to see and secure some of the most collectable Argyle pink diamonds in the world at Linneys in Subiaco (21-22 October) and at their Showroom in Westfield Sydney (27-30 October).