Pink Diamonds Tender 2018: The Argyle Alpha

Nothing makes the heart of true diamond lovers more a-flutter than the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, exhibiting the most desirable coloured diamonds discovered anywhere in the world.

This year’s exclusive tender will feature 63 natural coloured diamonds in pink, red and violet. Each unearthed at the Rio Tinto Argyle mine in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. The unveiling in Sydney will include a record-breaking Vivid Pink diamond, named the Argyle Alpha. At 3.14 carats, it is the largest Vivid Pink diamond ever to be offered at tender.

Mine Closure Looms

The Argyle diamond mine is set to close in 2020, pending a viability review. As the world’s only known source of high quality pink diamonds, the closure will make these diamonds a truly unique and collectible piece of Australian jewellery. Speaking to the ABC, Linneys Jewellers executive David Fardon has said: “What we've seen is the pink diamonds have been appreciating in the order of 10 to 15 per cent per annum". Mr Fardon, who worked on the Argyle tender for a number of years, predicts that this trend will continue.

Incredibly Rare Australian Jewellery

An exclusive invite only event, the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is highly competitive, attracting bidders from across the globe. It will exhibit in Sydney, Hong Kong and New York, where final bids will close on 10 October, 2018. Most of these incredible gems will never reach the open market.

Linneys Argyle Pink Diamond Engagement Rings & Jewellery

Since the very first Tender in 1984, Linneys has been a partner of Argyle Diamonds. As a select Argyle Atelier, we are proud to offer Linneys clients the exclusive opportunity to view and buy rare Tender stones. Our fine jewellery collections also feature an array of Argyle pink diamonds, including the incredible Linneys Pink Diamond Tiara currently available to view at Linneys Crown Perth showroom.

A finite supply of rare Argyle pink diamonds will see they become a coveted addition to any collection. Along with Argyle Tender stones, Linneys offer a range of pink diamond jewellery and loose pink and coloured diamonds.

Linneys Argyle Pink Diamond Princess Pendant

Inspired by the Pink Diamond Tiara, Linneys have worked in close partnership with Argyle to produce the Argyle Princess Pendant, a limited-edition necklace crafted in 18ct white and rose gold with 0.33 carat of natural Fancy Pink diamonds from the Argyle mine. Only 100 will ever be produced, each accompanied by an Argyle certificate of authenticity. Exclusively available at Linneys.