Linneys Jewellery Metal Guide

Well-crafted jewellery is the perfect complement to an outfit. It can transform a look from day to night, from beachwear to cocktail hour. Whether a piece is worn daily or once a year, it has the power to influence how you feel and how you act.

So, how do you decide on the right metal for your engagement ring, wedding ring, or unique bespoke piece when there are so many choices available?

Let's dive into your options and talk a little about each jewellery metal type.

Firstly, how you intend to wear a piece of jewellery will influence your choice of precious metal. Some metals are stronger than others, and some are more resilient, coping with long-term, daily wear without fatiguing.

It's not surprising that the best metals for beautiful jewellery are gold (white, yellow, and rose), platinum, and palladium. Other common metals include silver, titanium, rhodium, and tungsten, but let's start with different gold types.

White Gold

white gold ring

This stunning metal is made by combining yellow gold with other durable metals (zinc, nickel, or silver). White gold is stunning and durable and is relatively tarnish-resistant. Typically plated in rhodium (which contributes to its overall whiteness and shine), this rhodium can wear away over time, requiring white gold jewellery to be re-plated once every few years. White gold is perfect for timeless wedding bands and engagement rings.

Yellow Gold

gold wedding ring

A combination of pure gold and other metals like copper and zinc, yellow gold is a classic jewellery choice. This precious metal has been shaped and crafted into striking pieces of engagement and wedding jewellery throughout history. It remains a popular choice for both men's and women's wedding and fashion jewellery. Yellow gold is versatile and can look modern or have a vintage look, depending on style and design.

Rose Gold

rose gold wedding ring

Rose gold offers a romantic and nostalgic edge to jewellery pieces. Rose gold is created by combining pure gold with copper. Rose gold is growing in popularity, especially for wedding and engagement rings, but it also makes stunning statement pieces.


platinum ring

Platinum is a much denser metal than gold making it perfect for engagement rings. It is considered the most expensive precious metal used for jewellery and is incredibly durable. It never tarnishes or loses its whiteness and has spectacular shine. It's rare, valuable, and hypoallergenic. Which is excellent news for those with sensitivities.


palladium ring

Palladium is harder than white gold and platinum and is scratch and dent resistant. Palladium has no nickel in it, meaning like platinum, it is hypoallergenic. Unlike white gold, it will never tarnish, removing the need for regular rhodium plating. Palladium is an excellent choice for statement jewellery pieces.

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