Linneys Win WA Family Business Hall of Fame Award

Our founder Alan and Creative Director Justin Linney were recently awarded the coveted WA Family Business Australia Hall of Fame award. Celebrating and recognising special achievers who make a significant contribution to the WA community, economy and culture, the award is a highly-regarded peer commendation and an honour to receive.  

Accepting the award at a national conference attended by industry peers in Melbourne, Alan and Justin were proud to receive recognition for the achievements, legacy and reputation of Linneys. They were optimistic about the future for the brand and business and looked forward to transitioning from one generation to the next. 

The award signifies the growth and journey of Linneys and is a reminder of the standards that underpin every Linneys piece; passion, quality, expertise and innovation. 


Our Story

The Linneys story began in 1972, when Alan Linney founded a small jewellery business. Alan quickly made a name for himself as someone who could transform rare pearls into stunning pieces of jewellery. Unlike anything Australia had seen before, Linneys pieces became synonymous with quality, luxury and art. In 1990, Linneys secured its own building – the Subiaco flagship store. 

Since our beginnings 47 years ago, Linneys has received public and industry acclaim and has been distinguished as leaders in expert craftsmanship and premium jewellery designs. In 2000, Alan was recognised as Citizen of the Year for his contributions to jewellery and tourism in Western Australia. 

Throughout the years, the Linneys team has grown to include esteemed industry experts who bring expertise, passion and creativity to the art of bespoke jewellery. We’ve received numerous awards recognising our accomplishments and unwavering standards of craftsmanship by industry associations and leaders in fine jewellery. Now, in 2019, we continue to harness time-honoured traditions and inspired concepts to craft fine jewellery with the bold, contemporary style Linneys is renowned for. 

Crafting Bespoke Jewellery in Australia

Linneys combines traditional goldsmithing techniques with advanced technology to craft fine jewellery from precious materials. With almost 250 years of combined experience, our jewellers turn Australian pearls, pink diamonds, precious metals and sparkling gems into wearable works of art. 

Craftsmanship of any Linneys piece requires precision and attention to detail. Our techniques and skills, including intricate wax carving and hand forging methods, have been handed down over generations. We utilise advanced technology, including CAD designing techniques, to conceptualise, design and craft contemporary pieces.

All jewellery crafted by Linneys is finished by hand to exceptional standards, earning Linneys the reputation of Australia’s finest jeweller. 


Custom Made Jewellery in Perth 

With a selection of existing pieces of jewellery for men and women available to view, you’re able to browse our collections to gain an understanding of the intricacies of our award-winning practice. Whether you fall in love with an existing piece or want to bring your vision of wearable art to life with bespoke design and craft services, our talented jewellers are here to help. 

Discover the allure of a Linneys piece and learn why we’re recognised as leaders in fine jewellery.