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Throughout history, men and women have turned to rings to express style, class, values and commitments. From diamond engagement rings through to bold and masculine mens designs, rings have become a part of our style and culture. For some, rings are simply an expression of style and personality. But, for others, rings symbolise a variety of meanings depending on their style and placement. Learn more about the significance of rings and how we send messages through our jewellery. 

The Significance of Rings 

The placement, style, design of your ring can carry a variety of meanings through different cultures and times. Giving an insight into your personality and values, rings can send a message about who you are. Before you begin to wear rings, it’s important to understand more about their symbolism and significance. 

Pinky Finger

Rings placed on the pinky finger can symbolise a variety of things. Popular throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, men would wear a wedding ring followed by a signet ring on top on their left pinky finger. In more modern times, this custom has fallen out of favour to a standard wedding ring on the left ring finger. 

A right pinky finger ring can sometimes symbolise profession. These rings are most commonly simple bands made from stainless steel, silver, iron and other sturdy metals. We don’t make them from these metals. 

Ring Finger

For many cultures, a ring on the left ring finger indicates marriage or engagement. Some people also choose to wear a promise ring on this finger. Though many cultures choose the left side for wedding and engagement rings, some countries and cultures choose the right ring finger instead. Ultimately, how you wear your wedding or engagement ring comes down to personal preference. 

Middle Finger

Generally, rings worn on the middle finger of either the left or right hand don’t necessarily symbolise anything in particular. For many individuals, choosing to wear a ring on the middle finger is an expression of style or a choice to showcase the design and craftsmanship of the ring. If you’re unsure about symbolism and ring placement, the middle finger is a good option. 

Index Finger

Similar to the middle finger, the index finger on either hand has no real symbolism and significance when it comes to the placement of rings. The exception to this is traditional Jewish ceremonies where a wedding ring will be placed on the right index finger to symbolise commitment. 

For many ring-wearers, the index finger is a great place to showcase the design and style of a ring. 


Just like the middle and index finger, the thumb doesn’t hold heavy significance in placement. With this in mind, the thumb is an ideal place for a chunky, quirky or more creative ring that acts as a fashion statement or expression of personality. 

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