Rose Gold Wedding Rings: Display Love with Colour

Soft, warm and eye-catching, rose gold is one of the most romantic metal choices for jewellery. Setting itself apart from the usual yellow or white gold, rose gold has a unique charm that distinguishes a piece of jewellery as one worn out of love. 

At Linneys, we specialise in crafting stunning engagement and wedding rings using high quality rose gold. Complemented by diamonds and inspiring designs, our rose gold wedding bands and engagement rings exude love and romance. 

From classic to contemporary styles, find out why you should choose rose gold for engagement and wedding rings.


Why Rose Gold?

Subtle yet rich looking, rose gold tends to compliment all skin tones, eye colours and fashion choices, making it very easy to wear and less prone to tonal clashes with your makeup or wardrobe. Rose gold also has a timeless and vintage look, reminiscent of old-world luxury. 

When it comes to purity, rose gold is no different than yellow and white gold. Rose gold is a combination of yellow gold, copper and silver. It achieves its subtle signature colour through the addition of copper toned down by the silver. Rose gold is considered the most romantic precious metal given its alluring pink lustre. As an alloy infused with copper, rose gold is more durable in comparison to gold alone and can bear more wear and tear of everyday life. Rose gold pieces are often passed down generations due to their durability and longevity. 


For an Engagement Ring

Rose gold makes for a romantic, considered and charming engagement ring bound to flatter the hand of your bride-to-be. Rose gold engagement rings come in a full range of designs and styles to suit your preferences and budget. From simple and understated pieces to more bold and eye-catching styles, rose gold engagement rings can be customised according to your desires. Pop the question with a stunning rose gold engagement ring to impress your loved one.


For Wedding Bands

When it comes to wedding bands, you want a ring that will be durable, long-lasting and require very minimal maintenance. In comparison to white and yellow gold, rose gold offers a number of attractive benefits. Suiting all skin tones and a large range of colours, choosing rose gold for your everyday wedding band means enhanced versatility and ease. Your rose gold wedding bands will offer enhanced durability and strength, increasing the likelihood of maintaining their quality should you ever want to pass your ring down to a family member. 


Craft Bespoke Rose Gold Rings in Perth 

Learn more about rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands in Perth. At Linneys, our talented jewellers specialise in helping you bring your vision to life. From engagement rings to wedding bands, craft something completely bespoke using premium rose gold. Whether you keep it simple or add diamonds or other stones for some added sparkle, we’ll create a stunning piece that exceeds your expectations. 

Explore our collections or get started on your own custom rose gold ring