The Rise Of Rose Gold

Rose gold represents a luxurious jewellery choice.

It is a delicately rich gold, carefully combined with just enough copper to give it a warm pink hue. It brings out flush shades in the skin and complements coloured stones, in particular the coveted Argyle Pink Diamonds. Its romance is sought by collectors and jewellery aficionados around the world, but where did the journey of rose gold begin, and why is jewellery with a rose-coloured hue so popular? 

The story begins in 19th century Russia, when famous jeweller Carl Faberge blended yellow gold and copper, to create the enchanting rose gold. At the time, it was colloquially referred to as Russian Gold, and Faberge used it to create jewellery for the collections of the esteemed Empress Tsarina, Alexandra Feodorovna. Faberge also utilised it in one of the most famous ornate collections in the world - the Faberge Eggs, some of which are still on display in Russia and around the world today. 


Rose gold also made a name or itself in the roaring 1920’s.

It was the ideal time for the unique metal to return, as many liberated women sought out rose gold jewellery and brooches to add to their elegant outfits. International jeweller Cartier became very focused on rose gold, incorporating the metal into some of their most prestigious and high end creations. 

The popularity of rose gold has fluctuated over the years, dependent on economic circumstances and the fashion of the decade. However, since the ‘90s rose gold’s popularity has resurged, likely due to the comeback of colour in wider fashion. The ‘90s was focused on black, white and denim when it came to apparel; but the turn of the 21st century saw colour and a focus on femininity make a comeback. It is considered an exclusive material, revered by those who wear it, and is featured in many modern engagement and wedding rings. 


Rose gold’s resurgence may also be linked to its symbolism.

While white gold can be linked to lasting friendship, and yellow gold symbolises fidelity, rose gold - with its pink or red hue - definitively represents love in all its forms. At Linneys, our exclusive collection represents the needs of our customers; whether you are searching for the ideal luxury ring, something a little more subtle, or a ring that incorporates several types of gold and diamonds, Linneys can create the perfect piece for you. 

Our expert jewellers utilise rose gold to complement various designs, whether it’s a pendant or a pair of earrings, our designers ensure that each individual piece of jewellery is crafted with the highest quality rose gold and utmost care. Rose gold jewellery is the perfect luxury gift, suiting diverse skin tones and admired for its lavish profile around the world. It’s resurgence in popularity is no accident; it has become a vital part of many collections, and is a sought after precious metal worldwide. 


At Linneys, we are dedicated to creating exclusive jewellery.

Our collections are timeless and we focus on innovation and elegance during the creation of each piece. We invite you to view our collection at one of our showrooms today, or contact us to discuss custom making an 18ct rose gold design.