Timeless & Unique: The Black Diamond Engagement Ring

“Because you are not like anyone else.”

It was the famous line used by Mr. Big as he presented Carrie with a 5 carat Itay Malkin Black diamond ring, melting the hearts of fans world over.  

The much anticipated scene from Sex and the City 2 placed the black diamond squarely beneath the spotlight. What better choice could there be for Sarah Jessica Parkers character, Carrie Bradshaw? Adored for her iconic fashions statements, the convention of a white diamond would simply not be enough. Instead, the beguiling black stone offered, statement, charisma, character and a tease of Hollywood glamour within its opaque depths. 

On a visit to Perth, Carries famous ring was accompanied by the incredible Viviene Westwood dress and a pair of Monolo Blahnik shoes, all of which were worn by Sarah Jessica Parker on set. With the dress alone valued at $700,000, the cinematic collection made its presence known at an exclusive exhibition held in Linneys Subiaco studio. 

In tribute to Carrie’s singular statement, Linneys designed a black diamond ring fit for the screen. The piece features a 1 carat black diamond, elegantly set in white gold, with a compliment of white diamonds through the shoulders of the band. Click here for more information on the stunning 1ct Linneys black diamond ring inspired by Sex and the City. 


The black diamond is an enchanting alternative for engagement rings and fashion jewellery alike. When compared with white diamonds of the same carat weigh, black diamonds are considerably more affordable. Set in white gold with white diamond accents, they are presented with a contrast that could only be called striking. Linneys offer a select range of black diamond jewellery, and should your desire be more precise, Linneys bespoke design service will create for you the perfect piece. 

Like Carrie Bradshaw, the women who wear black diamonds are women of style. There is a fearlessness and an individuality in each stone, and many find they are vehicle of self-expression. Their subtle shine and bold presence is imbued with the essence of sophisticated glamour. A woman adored in black diamonds is, simply put, not like anyone else. 


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