Top Timeless Diamond Shapes to Consider for Your Engagement Ring

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When we talk about the shape of a diamond, we’re referring to its external outline and appearance. Choosing the best stone shape for your engagement ring can be a challenge, so below we detail our top picks of timeless diamond shapes that signify your commitment to each other.


1. Round Brilliant

Round Brilliant diamonds are the most popular, comprising of 75% of all diamonds sold worldwide.

Since they outperform all other shapes in brilliance, fire and scintillation, they create an exceptional glimmer. Similarly, being highly versatile, they provide a classic, ageless appeal.

Top Buying Tip

Since the Round Brilliant shape is famous for its sparkle, the cut is very important. Cut refers to the number and proportions of the facets of the stone, and as this affects how the light is reflected and refracted, it’s important to consider the grade of cut to maximise the sparkle.


2. Emerald

This shape features a large table surface bordered by ‘steps’ with ‘cut-off’ corners; a long, elegant cut that showcases size well. First recorded in the Middle Ages and then adopted by the Art Deco movement, this cut has therefore transcended time has become a classic, worn by celebrities and royalty alike.  

Top Buying Tip

Due to the large ‘table’ surface, inclusions (imperfections) may be more noticeable in emerald cut diamonds. As such, it may be necessary to seek a higher grade of cut should you wish to avoid these.


3. Marquise

Originally requested by King Louis XV to mimic the shape of mistress’ mouth, this cut of diamond more so resembles an elongated eye.

When set on a ring, this unique shape both makes the wearer’s finger appear slender and gives appearance of larger stone for the same carat number, giving it long-standing appeal.

Top Buying Tip

Marquise cuts are known to cause a large ‘bowtie effect’ – when a bowtie-shaped darkness appears in the centre of the diamond. When the stone is imbalanced this effect is strengthened, so it’s necessary to check the symmetry when buying.


4. Pear

With a rounded side that narrows to a point, like the fruit, pear diamonds are able to be set pointing upwards or downwards on the band. The stones are therefore heralded for their dynamism and their potential for juxtaposition and are therefore considered timeless for their expressive nature.

Top Buying Tip

As with the Marquise shape, watch out for the severity of the ‘bowtie effect’ in the middle of the stone if you’re looking for a more brilliant stone. The pointed end of the stone is also susceptible to chipping, so ensure the ring design incorporates this weakness.


Your Choice at Linneys

Every relationship is unique, as are the considerations for the ring. The Linneys team will work alongside you, guiding you through each stage of the engagement ring design choice to find a ring that’s perfect to catapult you into the next stage of your lives together.