Yellow Diamonds: Their History, Symbolism and How They Get Their Colour

Fancy coloured diamonds make up less than 1% of all diamonds mined on earth. With colours ranging from red, green and brown to black, blue and pink, yellow is arguably the most famous.

The most intense yellow diamonds in the world are found in South Africa, and since these stones are so rare, yellow diamonds are rarely cheaper than white diamonds.

What are Yellow Diamonds?


The yellow diamond gets its unique colour when its pure carbon mineral atoms are sullied by nitrogen molecules. The linking of nitrogen and carbon generates yellow tints of various intensities and shades, from pale golden to deep yellow brown. Paler yellows are more common than yellow diamonds with strong hues and saturation levels.

From stunning earrings to eye catching pendants, these gorgeous gems ooze sophistication and style. Perfectly suited to the warm weather and relaxed Perth lifestyle, our range of yellow diamonds complement and outfit, and any season.



The first yellow diamond to be discovered was also the first diamond found in South Africa. A teenager stumbled on the rough, uncut stone lying in the grass. His mother then passed it on to their neighbour, not realising its worth.

The diamond travelled all over Europe before De Beers purchased it in 1967. It was named the Eureka diamond, and was donated to the people of South Africa. It’s now on display at the Kimberley Mine Museum.

The most famous yellow diamond in the world is known as The Incomparable. A Brownish Yellow Diamond, it weighs an incredible 407.49 carats. Its carat weight has earned it the title of the third largest diamond in the world.

Symbolism & Meaning

Yellow diamonds

For many, the colour yellow symbolises light and optimism. In spiritual teachings it’s considered the colour that symbolises the entire range of human emotions.

The natural brilliance of these gems makes engagement rings with yellow diamonds often look more sparkly, brighter, and more brilliant, due to the wonderful amount of light they reflect.

Yellow diamond engagement rings tend to be slightly more reasonably priced than white diamond rings, meaning, despite its rarity, they are a stunning and affordable choice to commemorate your love.

Commitment to Quality Ethical Diamonds

Linneys are committed to selecting only premium quality diamonds from guaranteed sources.  The Kimberley Process is a United Nations mandated forum, with a focus on stemming the flow of conflict diamonds into the international market. When purchasing a yellow diamond from Linneys, be comforted knowing you are buying a quality, hand-selected stone from a conflict-free source. 

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