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Designer's Notes

Sourced from the now retired Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, Argyle Pink™ Diamonds are coveted as the rarest diamonds in the world. This beautiful 0.29ct round shaped Argyle pink diamond is laser inscribed and is issued with an Argyle Pink™ Diamond Gem Identification and Authenticity Document. 

Carat weight: 0.29cts
Shape: Round
Argyle Pink Diamonds Colour/Clarity Grade: 7P/P1 See Argyle Pink Diamonds Colour Chart for reference.

Linneys is among the select few jewellers globally selected as an Argyle Pink™ Diamonds Select Atelier™, a privilege held since the earliest days of the Argyle Diamond Mine. Our team of designers, gemmologists, and jewellers possess extensive expertise in working with Argyle Pink™ Diamonds, crafting unique jewellery designs that beautifully showcase these exceptional gems.