Argyle Pink™ Diamonds 'Collector's Edition' Fancy Pink Rosé Argyle Pink™ Diamonds

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Designer's Notes

Own your piece of Australian history. Our 'Collector's Edition,' present hand-selected curations of rare Argyle Pink™ Diamonds from the now retired Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia's remote East Kimberley region. 

Whether single stones, enchanting pairs, or thoughtfully curated sets, the Argyle Pink Diamonds Collector's Edition™ beckons to be collected or entrusted to Linneys skilled artisans for the creation of your own custom-made masterpiece. 

This beautiful collection features two round brilliant cut Fancy Pink Rosé Argyle Pink™ Diamonds totalling 0.08cts. 

Carat weight: 0.08cts
Shape: Round
Argyle Pink Diamonds Colour/Clarity Grade: 6PR/VS2. See Argyle Pink Diamonds Colour Chart for reference.

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