Alternatives To Diamond As An Engagement Ring

When you think engagement rings, it’s natural to think of a diamond (or several) sparkling atop the finger of your beloved. But recently we have seen the rising popularity of unique engagement rings as people seek to show their devotion with stones and designs more symbolic, personal, and treasured.

While diamonds remain the traditional preference for many – diamonds are forever, after all – the wealth of alternatives might surprise you. From radiant cut engagement rings featuring coloured stones, to intertwined designs that represent eternal devotion, and custom engagement rings, there is a lot to love out there.

Why buy an alternative?

There are many reasons to seek non-diamond alternatives for engagement rings. Some brides simply prefer coloured stones, and for many the idea of passing on a treasured family heirloom along has more romance than a store-bought stone.

Personal style

The fact is, some women simply prefer coloured stones to clear diamonds. Of course there are Argyle pink diamonds for the best of both worlds, but the popularity of non-diamond coloured gemstones in rising. Morganite is among the most popular, along with the ultra-rare deep blue Tanzanite and the deep lustrous red of Ruby.

Starting a new tradition

Modern couples are using unique engagement rings as a symbol of their non-traditional values. Along with forest weddings and long engagements, choosing alternatives to diamond engagement rings is a way to show the world that times are changing.

Family heirloom

Often the sentimental value of a family gem outweighs the desire for diamonds. When a stone is handed down through the generations, Linneys can craft a beautifully unique engagement ring that blends modern style with antique appeal.

Personalised and unique engagement rings

Jewellery is one of the best ways to express individuality. For many couples taking the leap into lifelong commitment, that means crafting unique, and often matching, engagement rings that reflect two personalities joining together.

Linneys create beautiful bespoke engagement rings for non-traditional couples seeking an alternative to diamonds. Our master jewellers can craft existing stones into stunning engagement rings, or work with you to design something entirely new and unique.


Birthstones are a meaningful and truly personal touch for modern engagement rings. And there is more than one choice for many months: December, for example, has turquoise, zircon and tanzanite where October can choose from opal or pink tourmaline.

And for the May babies, radiant cut engagement rings featuring deeply wondrous emeralds are an increasingly popular choice. Discovering a connection to your birth stone can be the inspiration for a unique engagement ring that says everything about you and your relationship without saying a word.

Unique engagement rings to last a lifetime

Linneys are the name synonymous with exquisite engagement rings in Australia for nearly half a century. From traditional diamonds, to coloured gemstones, non-traditional radiant cut engagement rings, even pearl rings, our timeless designs serve and inspiration for couples all over the country.

And if you are looking for a truly unique piece designed just for your beloved, our atelier can craft your vision with the highest quality responsibly sourced gems and precious metals. Contact us to arrange a consultation, whether you are seeking inspiration or ready to get down on one knee.