Best Linneys Jewellery for Winter

As the weather cools and warm clothes come out, it can be challenging to pair your jewellery with your stylish winter outfits. Gone are the long summer days where you stacked ring upon ring as you lay on the sand and soaked up the sun.

With winter, your jewellery choices change, and we’re here to help guide you through Perth’s cold and wet few months.

Choose a longer necklace


With scarves and turtlenecks keeping you warm, short necklaces can be hidden from view. A statement pendant on a long chain will catch the eye while making you feel amazing. A longer necklace can be worn in an effortlessly chic way over your tops, roll necks, or wool dress. Pair it with a stunning Australian South Sea pearl pendant for the perfect winter accessory.

Opt for a statement ring 

Australian pearls

Subtle, delicate rings work well during summer when you can layer up or stack your jewellery. In winter, try drawing attention to chunkier pieces, like this lovely Freeform Australian Pearl ring. Our eye-catching rings are suitable for all occasions, so you stay warm but always look on-trend.

A brooch never goes out of style

Australian pearls

If you are looking to add flair and sophistication to a winter outfit, consider a brooch. Brooches not only add glamour and whimsy to your outfit, but they’re also eye-catching statement pieces. These lovely accessories ooze timeless appeal from our delightful diamond and gold snail brooch to our Australian pearl dragonfly brooch.

Wrap your wrist

Pearl wrap bracelet

With layers of warm clothing, your wrists can get lost in their sleeves. The perfect solution this winter is a wrapped bracelet. These gorgeous pearl bracelets wrap around your wrist over your sleeve stylishly and appealingly.

Choose earrings that make an impact

Feather earrings

Never underestimate the power of a pair of earrings to enhance the elegance of your appearance. From classic diamond studs to impressive, eye-catching Feather diamond drops, earrings can change your look in an instant.

Add some colour

Jasper and diamond ring

Bring a splash of colour to a gloomy winter day with a coloured stone. While we are a fan of a sleek, all-black winter outfit, a unique piece of gemstone jewellery will transform your look into something spectacular. From an incredible Jasper and Diamond cocktail ring to a Freeform Amythest and Australian Pearl pendant, bring some colour to your jewellery collection this winter.

Why choose Linneys for your jewellery this winter?

Linneys are renowned for our masterful creation of refined and bespoke pearl and diamond jewellery. Taking creative inspiration from the beautiful Western Australian outdoors, the teams’ expert craftmanship ensures all pieces are carefully fashioned to the highest possible standard.

With over 40 years of experience, our team takes pride in working with clients to discuss their individual diamond and pearl jewellery preferences in Perth and is always happy to meet with you in one of our showrooms.

Contact us today for more information regarding the latest winter jewellery trends in Perth.