Coloured Diamond Collection

In collaboration with our international partner, Linneys are proud to present a rare and unique collection of pink and coloured diamonds and diamond jewellery, displayed to the Australian public for the very first time. 

Australian Argyle pink diamonds are world renowned for their incredible rarity, displaying the most intense palate of colour discovered anywhere in the world. The product of unequivocal geological forces, Argyle pink diamonds give a unique insight into the ancient history that forged Australia’s breathtaking landscapes. Each naturally coloured gem reflects the wild beauty of its origin.

Gram for gram, nothing else in the world equates to the value of these rare and coveted coloured diamonds. Their scarcity and undeniable beauty has garnered Argyle pink diamonds an international spotlight, as jewellers and diamond connoisseurs across the globe seek out these legends amongst gems. With a very limited supply of pink diamonds remaining undiscovered, and the Argyle mine due to close, their prestige is surely set to grow. 

Only the most talented jewellery artisans experience the privilege of designing and creating jewellery that pays homage to their beauty. As an exclusive Argyle pink diamond atelier, Linneys Jewellers are honoured to be amongst the few who are granted this special opportunity.



Sunday 15 – Thursday 19 April 2018 

61 King Street Perth, Western Australia

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Monday 23 – Tuesday 24 April 2018

Sydney, New South Wales

By Private Appointment 

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